Are you a Dorcas?

31 12 2009

My enjoyment for knitting has opened a door that is quite unexpected. A small group of knitters, crocheters and greeting card makers will begin meeting together on the second Tuesday in January. The group will be named Dream Weavers. I have been asked to lead this meeting. Cool huh? We will have a choice of knitting hats and scarfs for the inner city ministry that reaches out to the homeless folks in our city, or crocheting prayer shawls for the sick or making greeting cards for all occasions. It promises to be a time of creativity, fellowship and fun.

This could be a very interesting group of women. Women who have a heart like Dorcas in the book of Acts. Dorcas was called a disciple. The woman was well loved by her community because she was full of love and did good works for other people. Her good works consisted of making garments for people. In fact, when Dorcas got sick and died, her neighbors sent for Peter. When he arrived at the house they brought him to the room where her dead body laid, “and all the widows stood by him weeping, showing the tunics and garments Dorcas had made them while she was still with them.” Peter put them all out of the room, he knelt and prayed and raised her back to life.  Her amazing story is in Acts 9:36 – 42.

I think that Dorcas was a disciple with a mission, a purpose… a dream. She used her talent and ability to serve Jesus by blessing others.

The Dream Weavers have an opportunity to use their talents and abilities to serve our Lord and bless the people in our city. A warm scarf and hat on one of our cold winter nights can make a big difference to one person. A shawl that has been made and prayed over by some disciples of Jesus can be a comfort and perhaps even hold a miracle of healing. A person going through a time of celebration or a time of grieving, struggle or fear can be touched by a hand-made card that conveys the message that someone cares and is praying.

If you are a Dorcas looking for a way to bless others, come and join us on January 12th for our first meeting. Just go on line to and sign up for the Dream Weavers small group. We will contact you to let you know what you will need to bring.

Are you a Dorcas?

Dreams for 2010

27 12 2009

Things I would like for 2010.

  1. Health for Eddie.
  2. Steady work here in Wilmington for me.
  3. Get re-connected with my passion to serve God.
  4. Take a class.
  5. Pay off our vehicle thereby becoming completely debt free.
  6. Take Ed on a trip.

That is a good start.

Ed’s gift….. love

24 12 2009

Here goes, off to Super Walmart of all places on Christmas Eve. Lord, please be with me. 🙂

I despise super stores. My ADD goes off the charts as soon as I walk in the door. Too many noises and shiny things.

I will go to get one last gift for the man I love. I will clutch my list firmly in my hand and I will stay on course.

  • Ed’s gift
  • wrapping paper for Ed’s gift
  • Special card for Ed
  • ink for printer

I cooked our Christmas turkey dinner today and we just finished eating. So, maybe the triptifan (sp?) will balance off the ADD.

I just discovered that check-spell has no suggestion for how I just spelled Triptifane. Either time! Huh.

Oh yeah, my ADD is really in balance now.

Pray that I don’t get sucked into the super store vortex and never make it home.

How much is too much?

23 12 2009

Every Christmas for the past several years, we have joined my best girlfriend and her family for Christmas dinner. Last year she asked if i would cook the turkey… and stuffing, of course…. and gravy! I was flattered that she likes my cooking that well and I was happy to do it. I love to cook around the holidays. In case you didn’t know it, I am a “foodie”. I cooked it all bright and early on Christmas morning and had it ready for dinner at her house by 1 PM. It was a little more stressful than I anticipated but still, I was happy to do it. She asked me to do it again this year and I said YES right away.

I have come to realize that I think I can do everything I want to do. I always say ‘yes’ because I don’t want to miss out on anything. As a result, I often have to much on my plate because just when I have said yes to everything, something unforeseen comes up. That “something” usually unbalances the plate and before I know it, I am like a circus act plate spinner running frantically to keep all my plates on their poles. Exhausting!

After my episode with taking the dog’s pills (see post below, “God, what are you doing?”) I recognized the symptoms of being stressed out. Every time I thought about cooking the turkey and trimmings this year, my stomach just turned. I hated the idea of not doing something I say I will do. I despise going back on my word and even more – giving in to anything. Plus the fact that I really want to cook for our Christmas dinner and I know My girlfriend has so much to do that it would really help her to take that chore off her hands.

Ed and I discussed the whole situation and we agreed that I was just “too stressed” to take on anything more right now. So, I called Nancy (dreading it). First, I relayed the story of Ed’s visit to the ER and my extra curricular activity. Of course, she understood right away my need to relinquish the responsibility of cooking and she made me feel like I had made the right decision. Real friends are awesome.

I don’t know if I will ever learn the lesson of not piling my plate too high. But I am grateful for friends who understand when I need to unload and for a husband who speaks wisdom to me… every time I do it. 🙂 It is good to be understood.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Remember to share the love this season and always.


21 12 2009

This was my view from my couch yesterday. Bella, the black dog in the fore front, always has to be touching me somehow. In this pic she is laying on my foot. I love that she is that attached to me.

What you don’t see is the knitting project I have been working on. I have started making hats and scarfs for some of the homeless folks that come to Rock Church on Sunday mornings. The weather is getting colder. Tonight it will get down to the 20’s. Ed and I always think of these folks and pray that they will find a safe and warm place for the night. I am very grateful for my home.

Ed and I have been good for each other. We have worked hard and sacrificed together for 27 years. In the first years of our marriage, Ed was a merchant seaman. He worked on an oil tanker as a steward/cook. We spent months at a time apart from each other. I held down the fort at home, so to speak while he worked and traveled around the world. When we bought our home in NC we made financial plans to pay our mortgage off in 15 years. Two years into our new home, Ed was laid off. Our plans were radically changed. I got a job in the film industry and after a few years, it wasn’t uncommon for me to be working out of state and Ed was holding down the fort. Ed started his own business and became relatively successful in it.

This year has radically changed our lives again. Ed is now fully retired, not able to work anymore. I have not worked a film since February. We sold his business along with his carpet cleaning truck and used that money to pay off our home. We are learning how to live with less and we are blessed. We have each other and we have a home.

We have been very good for each other and God has never let us down. He knows the plans He has for us and we have always trusted His plan.

Baking aromas

20 12 2009

Cranberry-orange bread, banana bread, cranberry and pistachio biscotti fill the house with wonderful aromas today. This is a home made Christmas and I am baking some gifts.

The deep truth is that God has had His hand of blessing on us in a mighty way this year. We have been stretched in ways that I never imagined. I have a new appreciation for people who are full time care takers. There is no place else that would rather have been for past 10 months than right here with Eddie. That doesn’t mean I have been all that good at it. I think Ed deserves a metal for putting up with all of my “help”. Thank goodness that he is doing so much better.

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to create some beautiful hair for my friends in my studio. It is my goal that everyone leaves here feeling good about their looks. In return, my friends have made me feel like an amazing artist.

Ed and I have learned to tighten our belts and yet still manage to treat ourselves good. On Friday afternoon, we drove to Myrtle Beach and saw the Christmas Show at the Carolina Opry. It is always good and we leave the show full of Christmas spirit.

I have allowed myself to hide out for a couple of days. I just need a little hiatus. Feels good.

It has been a tough year for us. I look forward to what 2010 holds. I would like to think that we are better prepared than we were last year! Oh, and no more falling down. That would be awesome.

God, what are you doing?

15 12 2009

It has been a rather strange weekend, even by our standards.

Friday morning, Ed slept in late. I didn’t think too much about it until the second time I went in to wake him and he fell back to sleep again. That is not like him. He slept for 12 hours. When he finally got out to the kitchen, I got him a cup of coffee and left the room to take care of some things. I came back in five minutes or so to find him sleeping in the kitchen chair. Okay, he’s got my attention now. Bless his heart, he thought he was fine but I noticed his hands twitching and he was having difficulty putting words together. To make a long story short, I made a call to our doctor, a trip to the ER, test to confirm ammonia levels elevated, sent home with medicine and instructions. We were grateful he was not admitted and we had a solution.

By Saturday the symptoms had abated and he was almost clear headed. I kept an eye on him to be sure he was taking his meds properly. Then, I took my supplements and got the dog’s medicine together. Daisy, my 13 year old walker hound, has pancreatitis and nausea. I had a fairly long to-do list. I was standing at the kitchen table, talking to Ed and stressing a little. I had a glass of water in front of me and I swallowed the pills in my hand. Two seconds after I did that, I realized I had just taken the dog’s meds. What a dork.

My list got longer. I had to add a phone call to the vet to ask what kind of trouble I was in for taking this anti-nausea medicine for a dog. Then, I had to re-prioritize my list and move > forcing myself to vomit < straight to the top of the list.

Thankfully, the rest of the day went much smoother. In fact, I got a text message from a friend that I have been praying for since about 2005. I have seen her do well for a while, only to fall prey to some of her personal demons time and again. She wanted me to know that she has been going to church here in town and asked if I wanted to have coffee or lunch after church. WOW! She ended our conversation by saying that she was enjoying her new way of life.

Sunday was a wonderful day. Rock church had a Christmas celebration service that included some beautiful music, very stylish dance numbers , a relevant message of hope and a duet that reminded us to make this Christmas about giving of ourselves.

My friend came to the house for coffee and biscotti and we had a very nice time of fellowship. We talked about finding our purpose and living our lives for that purpose. I shared honestly that my dream, at one time, had been to help hurting women find their worth in Jesus Christ but I had reached a point where I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that anymore.

I am not as sure of my purpose as I once was. My small group has been studying a book called Reaching your Dreams by Tommy Barnett. I have been praying and searching my heart to re-connect me to my dream, my purpose.

Later that night, this friend called me to say, “Thanks for never giving up on me.” She went on to say, “You cannot stop helping broken women. You have made a difference in my life.” She ended the call by saying that she wanted to be like me and she wanted, someday, to have a husband like Eddie. At the risk of sounding redundant, WOW! The moving thing about her saying that is not that she wants to emulate me. The real cool thing is that she is sees Jesus in me. It is His unconditional love that is drawing her to Himself. It is His peace that is beckoning her.

I am so humbled that He allows me to be a part of His plan. And, I am so stinking excited to see what God is doing in her life.

God, is that You speaking to me through this person?