31 05 2009

I am feeling stuck in my writing. Hopefully, it is just because so much has happened in our lives lately and I am still processing it.

  • I have been unemployed for 3 months. Thank God for unemployment but I only have one week of that left.
  • I need a good hair show to inspire me.
  • Ed has been through so much these past 3 months. The spark is beginning to return to his eyes.
  • We celebrated 34 years of Ed’s sobriety last week. God has a plan for our lives.
  • AA is a God sent program of recovery.
  • My grandson is being deceived by his youth right now. I am afraid for him.
  • My Pastor says that the human brain is not fully formed until 24 years. I guess that is why eighteen year olds are retarded.
  • My daughter has a new appreciation of what it is like to attempt to be the voice of reason to a retarded teenager. LOL.
  • God gives each of us a road to travel. We would do well to stay on that road and not try a shortcut.
  • What is going on with my singing?
  • I desperately need to get, at least, 10 lbs. off these bones!
  • I am searching for my passion again.

Well, now it is time for me to go food shopping and make some lunch for me and Ed. Maybe I can resume my search for my passion after lunch.


Progress, not perfection

20 05 2009

I think we are turning a corner in Ed’s journey. He is getting stronger. Yesterday, we went to a hospital to visit a friend. Her room was as far away from the elevator as it could be. He had the longest walk he has had yet. And then back down to the car. He did so good and our friend was nicely surprised to see him.

Today we had another long walk as we went to Walmart and bought a cane. Tomorrow his PT will help him get accustomed to walking with that instead of his walker. We are both a little nervous about him leaving the relative safety of the walker but I think that is normal after what he has been through. That will be her last day of coming to our house. We will go out for therapy starting next week. 

I left him home alone so I could go to work for 8 hours on last Friday night. I spoke to him on the phone twice. He did fine but I am not ready to go back to work for a full week yet. He is probably ready to get rid of me for a while but I would be a nervous wreck with him home alone for that many hours. Besides, I just want him to get strong enough to fly out to LA with me when I get nominated for the Emmy Award. (I won’t know until June.) One step at a time.

Kids and dogs

20 05 2009

WC Fields said he never liked working with kids and dogs.DSCN0291

                                                                                                                         I love my dogs. This is clear evidence that I have taken them for a good walk.


Apparently I am not the only one who loves my dogs.

Whenever Tamara comes over for a visit she shows Daisy the love. Bella runs for the hills most times but is getting a little less frightened by the tiny, curly- haired tornado. 


You might know that your dogs are spoiled when;

Your neighbor wants to BE one of your dogs.

You were right WC. Kids and dogs will upstage you every time.

dumping of the brain

17 05 2009

It sure is hard to write when you have crazy stuff going on in your life. My mind doesn’t want to zero in on any one thing so here goes a brain dump.

  • Ed seems to be walking a little better but progress is painfully slow. He has very little energy and he is trying so hard to get well.
  • Liver and onions have been on the menu 8 times since he was diagnosed with anemia. Yuck and double yuck.
  • My sister’s husband passed away last week. She has been through a lot since January too.
  • It seems as if we are getting old but I don’t feel grown up yet.
  • I am a bit anxious about losing my health insurance because I have not worked in months.
  • Please, North Carolina, please pass the film tax incentive bill so I can work at home for a while. If you pass it to 25%, they will come!
  • If we don’t start getting film work in NC I will have to consider a different job. Perhaps hair stylist to the brides.
  • I had one night of work this past Friday. It was more of a social outing than like work. Thanks Kari and Jules.
  • Finally got my neck straightened out from sleeping on cots and chairs in the hospital.
  • I have GOT to stop eating out of frustration before even my fat clothes don’t fit any more.
  • I am blessed with awesome neighbors and church family. 
  • Holy hugs are the best.
  • I plan to send out the manuscript for our children’s book to at least two publishers next week.
  • Being organized is so difficult for me.
  • God, will you please help me to make the right decisions so I do not stray from my destiny?
  • Started singing with the praise band again. Had a rehearsal today: sing next Sunday, May 24th. Come and hear us at Rock church at 10 AM.
  • I have been listening to opera in the car, turning it way up and screaming my head off. Um… I mean singing loudly.
  • May 22 will be Ed’s sobriety anniversary. Thirty four years!
  • Jesus promised me He would never leave me or forsake me.

Ten Reasons not to take yourself too seriously

13 05 2009

The top 10 reasons to not take yourself too seriously, (in dyslexic order.)

  • gives you frown lines and frown lines are unbecoming. (Smiling causes character lines. There now, that”s better.)
  • is a lot of work. (Living should be an adventure, not a grind.)
  • can give you an ulcer. (Acid reflux sucks too.)
  • means you better be right every time. (The odds are simply against that notion.)
  • you can’t laugh at the stupid things you do. (And you will do something stupid.)
  • if you ever do laugh, you cannot snort and blow milk out your nose. (Dignified laughter is just wrong.)
  • it’s not all about you anyway. (Just get over yourself and notice the good in some one else for a change.)

And the top reason is;* drumroll please*,


You may have noticed that I did not number my reasons and I do not have 10. So, stop taking this so seriously. Why don’t you tell me another reason why we should not take ourselves so seriously?

Now, make it a great day! I mean it. Smile.

Blast from my past

8 05 2009

“I know what you kidzch need. How ’bout a niszch bean szchandwich? And a warm pair of szchockzch?”

We were sitting on the stoop of the brownstone building in a bad neighborhood in Boston. The front door opened and out shuffled a ragged looking older man. The deep wrinkles in his face told the story of a hard life. The few teeth that showed in his mouth as he spoke were brown and rotting and caused him to schlurp  his words. At first glance, he looked like a homeless refugee.  

I could feel Eddie looking at me but I knew that if I made eye contact with him, I would not be able to control the laughter that was bubbling in my belly. To my surprise, he took our new friend up on the offer of a bean sandwich. We watched the man, happy now, as he turned to go back into the building.

“What did you do that for?” I asked him.

“Have you ever had a bean sandwich?”  

“Never.” I assured him.

“Well, let’s see if he comes back. I bet he knows how to make a mean bean sandwich.”

We talked about robbing him if he did come back out. We could ask him to let us use his bathroom. Once inside his apartment it wouldn’t be hard to overcome him and take anything of value that we could find in a hurry. 

The cold was getting to me and I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open as I allowed my body to succumb to the heroin I had just snorted. The familiar cloak began to envelope my mind as I slipped in and out of awareness. I smelled the sandwich that had been placed on my lap and my stomach turned over. Sure enough, steamy hot baked beans on a fat slab of buttered bread sat on the melmac plate. We had spent the last of our money on drugs earlier that day. I pulled myself together enough to eat the sandwich. I learned a couple of things that day.

#1, Bean sandwiches are good on a cold November day.

#2, This old man was just trying to help a couple of messed up junkies.

I really can’t tell you why I am thinking of this story tonight. I wonder if God had protected him from us that day. For some inexplicable reason, we never robbed that man that day.

Trail of Tears Emmy submissions!

4 05 2009


I absolutely love what I get to do for a living!!! This is a picture of Carla Rae and Wes Studi in costume for the Trail of Tears. I did Wes hair and we aged him through 3 periods in his life. This was his young look. My co-worker Vanessa did Ms Carla Rae Holland’s hair in this 1800 style. The scene was a dinner party of wealthy land owners. The costumes, make-up and hair departments collaborated beautifully together. It is such joy to work with such a good and generous crew.

We have been submitted for an Emmy award for our work. I am proud of each department that was represented. It was truly awesome to be part of this project. I hope we all get to sit in the Emmy’s and cheer each other on.