Ed’s gift….. love

24 12 2009

Here goes, off to Super Walmart of all places on Christmas Eve. Lord, please be with me. 🙂

I despise super stores. My ADD goes off the charts as soon as I walk in the door. Too many noises and shiny things.

I will go to get one last gift for the man I love. I will clutch my list firmly in my hand and I will stay on course.

  • Ed’s gift
  • wrapping paper for Ed’s gift
  • Special card for Ed
  • ink for printer

I cooked our Christmas turkey dinner today and we just finished eating. So, maybe the triptifan (sp?) will balance off the ADD.

I just discovered that check-spell has no suggestion for how I just spelled Triptifane. Either time! Huh.

Oh yeah, my ADD is really in balance now.

Pray that I don’t get sucked into the super store vortex and never make it home.



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