crooked and sober

28 02 2010

This caused me to have a “remember when” moment.

You know how, when you have had a long drive and you finally get to your hotel and get checked in? The first thing we do is head for the potty, right? Are you with me so far?

Well, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention past the fact that it looked clean enough for business. When I sat, I felt completely off balance because I did not expect to be sitting on a slant. Immediately, my mind went back 33 years to a little cottage that I lived in at the end of my drinking. The cottage was very old and the land had settled under it, causing the entire house to be on a slant. I was usually drunk and I never really noticed how off balance the floors were until I got sober. LOL

Thank God I am sober today and I realize that the toilet is the thing off balance, not me. I am only going to be here  for 6 days so, I can stand it for that long. It is probably good for me to remember and to be grateful that I don’t live crooked and off balance today.

Iraq in Charleston, SC

25 02 2010

This is where I spent my afternoon today.

It is the Army Wives set of Iraq.

Pictures like this show a glimpse of what my world looks like when I am on set. The reality creeps into the make believe when you look at the sand and the Army uniforms and the barracks… then see the camera track on the ground and the crane overhead and the long haired guy in jeans walking through the middle of the scene.

I love working in the film industry.

Mama and the clan

18 02 2010

this is the other pic. I like that Ed’s eyes are open and Fawn is halfway out of the shadow. Tony, however, is looking a little like the one eyed creepy guy. Brian is looking a little like the guy peeking over the fence on Tool Time. Brandon, Mama Maria and I look pretty fabulous though. So, it’s all good.


17 02 2010

Why is my beautiful daughter in the shadow??? When will I learn to check the photo BEFORE leaving the restaurant?

Anyhoooo…. we had a lovely lunch. We shared hugs and laughter.

It was a looong day of driving. We left home at 7AM and arrived home at 9:30 PM. I have been tired and cranky for most of the day today. It will be good to get in the bed and shut out the world tonight.

Here he comes!

15 02 2010

Hitting the road early in the morning. Ed and I will be heading to Atlanta to get my grandson. My daughter and son in law will drive him up to the ATL from their home in Pensacola. We chose a restaurant to meet at that is about equal distance for us to travel. We will be on the road for 6 and 1/2 hours top get there. The plan is for us all to enjoy a nice lunch together, then take Anthony back home with us. I am figuring we will be on the road for about 15 hours. The strange thing is that we had to call the oxygen delivery guys and see if they could drop us off some more O2 so Ed can make the trip. That is something we never had to think about before but our life is different now. We are learning how to roll with it.

Anthony, aka; Boyo, Tony or Buuud, will be staying with us until he goes into the Navy this summer. He is going to be a big help while I go back to work. He is 18 yrs. old and has his license and he loves us!  All useful and admirable qualities. And he plays guitar! Yeah, he’s pretty cool.

Spring? Are you coming soon?

13 02 2010

Bare branches covered in snow seem sad to me somehow. Maybe, desolate is a better description. It is certainly out of the norm to look into my backyard and see this scene but this is what I awoke to this morning. Even before I opened my blinds all the way, I could see the brightness that this stark, white covering brought. I suspect it will all be melted by the end of the afternoon because we are, after all, in North Carolina.

Bella has chosen not to disturb the new landscape by trouncing on it. She is making use of the small path of terra firma left from the dripping eaves of our roof.

Very pretty out there, but now I am ready for spring. I am ready to put this season away and look forward to something new.

Do not lose heart

7 02 2010

I am humbled and blessed to be a witness to what God is doing in the life of another. God’s love is never ending and so unconditional! There is an amazing metamorphosis going on right in front of my very eyes.

I could have easily missed it. I tried to turn around and walk (run) away but God has a way of reminding me that it is not always about me. He would not let me give up on this person and He used the events of our relationship to grow me up a little bit more and to mold a little closer to His image. Okay, and to chisel some unusable character traits off me. I am learning to love people simply because my Father loves them.

If God has put someone in your life that challenges every ounce of your flesh, be encouraged. God just might be doing a work in you and the outcome may be that you have an opportunity to see what God’s unmerited grace looks like on the life of another.

It is very cool.