And the winner is……

24 02 2012

Jennifer and her family!!!!!!

My friend had the procedure done in Texas today and it is working already!!!

For the first time in 46 days, she is sitting up in a well lit room, talking to her family on skype. Her sensitivity to light is gone. The migraine in the back is gone and in the front is diminished by 50%. The doctors expect the migraine to be completely gone by tomorrow.

I am ecstatic for my friends.

We may never know why God chose to do it this way. I don’t know why Jennifer had to suffer for so long. I absolutely believe that God hears our prayers and that He heals. I also believe that sometimes He gives us the opportunity to step up to the plate and do the right thing to help our fellow man.

The saga is not over yet. This is just the test. Jennifer, literally, still has wires sticking out of her head! She will remain in Texas for about two more weeks until the procedure is complete.

I heard she is on her way to Outback Steak House to celebrate!! Bandages are covering the wires so she won’t freak anyone out too badly. LOL.

If you have prayed for ¬†Jennifer, thank you and please don’t stop.

If you have given financially to make this possible, thank you. I also believe that God blesses us to be a blessing. Thank you again!

Jennifer is precious to me. What ever you have done for her has blessed me.

Oh, and Blue Cross of North Carolina can expect a letter from me.


Here is your chance to pay it forward.

24 02 2012

If you have ever had a headache, raise your hand. (my hand is raised) 

If you have ever had a migraine, raise your other hand. (Thanking God, my hand is not raised)

How long did your worst headache last? An hour, a day, a month? Seven weeks????

Can you imagine having a debilitating migraine for 46 days? That is the reality in my friend, Jennifer McGee’s life.

She has been to doctors, to the local emergency room, to Duke University hospital to see leading doctors that treat migraines. All to no avail. No one or no treatment has been able to break this migraine.

She has to stay in a quiet, darkened room because noise and light heighten the pain.

But there is hope, there is this an opportunity where we can all help her.

She is now in Dallas, Texas where there is a doctor who has pioneered a new treatment for migraines. His operation costs about $50,000. This proceedure has worked in 4,998 people out of 5000! The pain instantly disappears, and the person never has another migraine headache!

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of North Carolina has refused to cover this. They have refused to talk to the doctors and absolutely refused to cover this procedure. Twice! UGH!!!

My Pastor has decided to re-mortgage their house and do whatever it takes to get this procedure done as soon as possible so her suffering will end.

Already the saints of God have responded in a powerful outpouring of donations; over $25,000 has been given.

Jennifer is the wife of my Pastor and the first lady of my church, a mother and home schooler to her three sons. She works in hospital administration. Jennifer is smart, fun, compassionate and has a heart to help… everyone. And now, she can’t even leave the room.

She has been an invaluable friend to me, especially during the last years of Ed’s life. On our many ambulance trips to the emergency room, Jennifer would meet me there and help me to remain calm and focused through the trials that Ed’s illness brought about. When Ed was put on an extremely restricted diet, Jennifer cooked meals for him 3 days a week and brought them to the house while I was working out of town. Ed loved and respected Jennifer so much that she could get him to try things that no one else could. The last day of Ed’s life, Jennifer stuck to me like glue, even sleeping in a chair in the ICU.

Jennifer is family to me. My kids would all agree.

If you would like to, you can help Jennifer by giving, view the video by Pastor George Brantley, and give through that link.