What a day! Ed and I were out of the house by 7 AM and headed to Duke University Hospital for, what we thought , was going to be a heart catheter.

We have had many doctor visits and numerous medical terms thrown at us this year. I don’t know if we are coming or going sometimes. Well, I knew that we were going but I didn’t know what we were going for. When we got there they started doing all these tests on him and finally I asked when they were going to do the heart catheter. They looked all over his orders from the doctors and couldn’t find that anywhere on his paper work. Ever the bull dog that I am, I then made a phone call to the doc who started this Duke ball rolling. The nurse very sweetly informed me that Ed was not there for that particular test. It had been mentioned but they want all these other tests done first. I wondered if they thought I was going senile or something. Actually, I wondered if I am going senile or something. So, the day was a surprise to us and we drove home in a horrendous rainstorm. Lightening was all around the car but we made it home safely… fourteen hours later.

Today we celebrated adventures.

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