31 12 2008

I went to an AA meeting with my husband yesterday. It had been a long time since I have attended a meeting. The meeting was a Big Book discussion and they were on the fifth chapter. I brought my second edition Big Book with me and as I read along, I was reminded of the things that I struggled with while getting sober. Most of the sentences in the chapter have been underlined at one time or another. There were red lines, blue lines, highlighter lines, pencil lines. God has blessed me so much over the years. I enjoyed listening at the meeting and I enjoyed sitting next to my husband at an AA meeting. Miracles happen in AA. I am one. AA probably saved my life.

I am looking forward to 2009. January 5th of 2009 will be my 32 anniversary of sobriety. Thank you to my higher power and thank you to AA and the many people who poured love and wisdom into me over the years.

Happy New Year to all my friends.

I don’t get it but…

30 12 2008

OK, now I have to say something about this thing called alphainventions.com.

This is what I know:

  • The other day, my blog stats showed 17 hits from alphainventions.com
  • i clicked on the link to check it out
  • I have no idea how they found me in the first place
  • After visiting their blog page, I had 134 hits from them.
  • Somehow??? They direct readers to my blog.
  • no cost

So, I wonder if one of my geek friends would like to check them out and explain to me how this thing works. They even have a very nice explanation of how it works but it is beyond me to comprehend all this guy is saying.

I just know that I had 172 hits today and 134 of them came from this site.

Sorry Clyde

30 12 2008

I thank God for my sense of humor. Life has thrown me some incredible curve balls in the past 56 years. The older I get, the more I realize that life throws us all curve balls. It is all about how we deal with the craziness that makes us who we are. My friend Angela says she is an Eeyore and I am a Tigger.
There has been a recent curve ball in my family life. Let me begin by back tracking a couple of months;
My daughter called to let me know that my seventeen year old grandson was in the hospital in Florida where they live. It seems his appendix needed to come out, so off he went to surgery. This kiddo and his younger brother are closely tied to my heart. I needed to hear Tony’s voice and to let him know that Noni was praying for him. My daughter, Fawn, gave me his cell phone number and I called him and left a message for him while he was in surgery. I said something close to this. “Hi Buddy, It’s Noni. I want you to know that I am praying for you right now and I love you like crazy. I will call you later. Love you, bye.”
They called me after his surgey and gave me the phone number for his room and when he came out of the recovery area and was brought to his room, I called and spoke to him on the hospital phone. All was well.
A few days later, I got a call on my cell. Caller ID identified the call coming in from Tony. I answered, “Hey honey, how are you?” I did not recognize the voice that said, “Hey baby, who is this?” I said, “it is Noni and who is this?” “Clyde. So whtchu doin’ baby?” “Where is Tony? Put Tony on the phone!” Clyde said, “Tony ain’t here baby, this is clyde. Watchu doin?”
I hung up, called my daughter and discovered that she had given me Tony’s old number. Duh! I finally got his new number and changed it in my phone.
Yesterday, my daughter called me to let me know that Tony did not come home the night before and he was not answering their calls. He was upset about some family stuff and decided to leave home. After talking for a while, I decided to call my boy. Frankly, I was surprised that he did not pick up for me, but I left him a message something like this, “Hi Buddy, it’s Noni. I talked to your Mom and she told me you left home upset. I need you to call me and let me know that you are safe and alright. If I don’t hear from you by six o’clock I am getting in the car, driving down there and I will hunt your A.. down. Call me. I love you.” Then I texted him. (I love technology.) “Don’t make me worry. If u don’t wanna talk text me back our secret word so I know you are ok.” Again, I was surprised that he didn’t contact me right away. I know we have a special bond and he trusts me. Well, nothing to do now but wait and see.
At around 5 o’clock my phone rang and caller ID identified Tony. I grabbed my phone and said “Hi Buddy, Are you alright?” This unrecognizable voice said, “Who is this?” My first thought was that he had a friend call me so I identified myself as Tony’s Noni and asked who I was speaking to. “This is Clyde. Tony ain’t here.” “What do you mean ‘not there’? Where is he?” “I don’t know. This is my phone. Tony is not here!” I noticed a slight tremor in his voice. “Well, tell me your phone number so…” Now his voice was shaking AND about an octave higher as he interupted my question. “I don’t Know my number. Uh uh.” And Clyde hung up on me.
I was very alarmed and called Fawn immediately. I discovered that she had given me the same phone number that I had before which, of course, now belonged to Clyde. The first time, Clyde thought he scored himself a new girlfriend. After this last call, poor Clyde is probably watching his back, expecting phsyco Noni to come hunt his A.. down. Oh well, maybe ol’ Clyde needed something to think about.
As for Tony, I got the right number, called him and heard back from him in 10 minutes. He assures me he is in a safe environment and I am certain he will work things out with his family. The love is very strong between them all and Jesus is still in charge.
Thanks to all who have been praying for Tony and our family. Please continue to pray for reconcilliation.
As always we are living, laughing and loving. And falling down along the way.

Daisy Dukes

29 12 2008

Do dogs suffer senility? Cause, I’m thinking Daisy is going in that direction.
Yesterday, Ed and I took the Christmas tree down and put all the ornaments in the large box that I store them in. I lost the top for the box years ago so I use a folded red tablecloth to keep the ornaments dust-free for the year. As I [placed the tablecloth on top of the box, Daisy walked over to the box and began to climb onto it. I think she thought it was a bed.
Well, she is a thirteen year old walker hound so Ed just commented about her going senile. She doesn’t hear so well and she forgets to eat. I have to coax her to her dish and hand feed her the first nugget before she realizes she needs to eat.

Daisy is the white dog in the post below.
Today, Ed had the front door partially opened and Daisy walked out the door. She took herself on the short route around our cul-de-sac and back to the house as Ed caught up with her. He said she never even knew that she wasn’t on the leash.

I love my dogs. I just hope she doesn’t forget who we are.

Random Christmas pictures

27 12 2008


The gifts have been opened.


Who would have a purple Christmas tree? Oh, um, that would be me.


Now that is one fine looking bird. Nevermind that it is on top of the washer and dryer. 


Now that is a pretty presentation. Even if my best friend is taking credit for cooking the turkey.


Here are the girls on Christmas morning. All they want is food and love. In that order please. 


This is my favorite part of Christmas. I get to spend it with the one person who loves me more than anyone else in the world. I am kinda crazy about him too. 

Happy Holidays!

Secret holiday Shopper

27 12 2008

Yesterday was a fun day. I had a relaxing morning, slept late, got a cup of coffee and sat on my couch with my Bible and my dog. My favorite mornings start out lke this. I lift the living room shades so that I can see the huge Leland spruce out front that I have named The Bird Hotel. Cardinals are my favorite birds to see. So, while I am reading and praying I can glance out the window and sometimes I see a bright red male cardinal perched among the green branches of the bird hotel tree. Yeah, really it doesn’t take much to entertain me.
One of my girlfriends invited a few of us to her house for a noon time tea. It was a really sweet time of fellowship with some of the ladies that I am most comfortable with in this world.


I love hanging with folks that I can just be myself with. I tend to be a little goofy on occassion and lots of times, people just don’t get my humor. Heck, sometimes I don’t even get it, but it doesn’t matter with these girlfriends. We just love each other where we are at. I am very grateful to have friends like this in my life. We shared much laughter and love and good snacky food.
When I left them, I went to a couple of stores to see what kind of sales were going on. I found a cute blouse and slacks for under thirty dollars at Belks. The Mayfaire store was not too crowded and the clothes racks were easy to sift through to find my sizes and favorite colors. There were plenty of cashiers open so I didn’t have to stand in long lines to make my purchase. I don’t like to shop where the racks have all different sizes in one section because no one has taken time to organize the items that get shopped through. I usually leave that store with a slight head ache and no purchase. So, Belk at Mayfair gets a Secret Shopper thumbs up with a score of 10. This is the first perfect score I have given.
When I got back to my car, I checked my twitter messages. (If you don’t know what Twitter is, check out Twitter.com. It’s free.) One of the folks I follow sent me an invitation to join them for dinner. After checking with Ed I called them and confirmed. So… off we go to eat again. I got a really good chicken piccata with angel hair pasta. The portions were so large that I ate half and took home the rest, enough for another whole meal. It was the first time that we had gone out with this couple outside of a group and I must say, two hours flew by. Good food, good conversation and some laughter. AND, a really good tiramisu for desert. The restaurant is Antonios in Porters Neck. It is right beside the old Kiva Grill. The ambiance is lacking, it is quite loud which made it a little difficult to hear each other but the food is worth it. I think the prices were pretty decent too although we never saw the check. Our friends picked up the tab for us. Merry Christmas again. 🙂
Antonios food was excellent but the waiter was off by just a little. He brought the check without ever offering desert. Of course, we fixed that situation right away. He made up for that by brewing us a fresh pot of decaf coffee. All in all, Secret Shopper would have to give Antonio’s a 9.

Holidays and food!

25 12 2008

It is Christmas morning! A little after 6:30 and my turkey has been in the oven for one hour already! My dogs have not even gotten out of their beds to greet me yet! My sweet hubby prepared the coffee maker with one cup of coffee for me to brew when I got up. My thought was that I would have a cup while I was making my stuffing and getting the bird in the oven and then go back to bed for an hour or two while it cooked. Hmm. Coffee… sleep… bed. One of these things just doesn’t belong here. I wish I had music notes to put around that sentence. I hope all of you Mommies out there are thinking Sesame Street right now. Anyway—- here I am, wide awake, in the back bedroom and posting from my Mac!
I am reminded of past Christmas mornings. Getting up early to start food preparations. Cannoli and coffee for breakfast. Celery stuffed with cream cheese and olives and dates stuffed with walnuts, then rolled in sugar for treats while we smelled the turkey cooking. Opening presents together then putting on the new clothes and cleaning up for dinner. Watching the Macy’s parade on tv. Eating a feast and then falling asleep on the couch only to wake up still stuffed but somehow feeling the need to eat a Cape Codder sandwich. That is turkey (of course), cold stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, salt and pepper on the bread of your choice. Geesh. No wonder people join Weight Watchers in January.
Merry Christmas with love to all.