Barter for it

6 12 2009

In this time of (so-called) recession, I am learning how to be blessed and to be a blessing.

There are things that I need done around the house and yard that Ed and I can not get done by ourselves. There are friends of mine who can not find the $$$ in their budget to get their hair done. BARTER!

I have some great things on my resume but I don’t seem to have a knack for making it all concise. My friend has a talent for things like that and for creating a web page. Hair cut, color and hi-lights by Coni = fine looking resume and a web page forth coming by Carolyn. Oh happy day!

I am now looking for someone who needs a hair cut and has a leaf blower. One hair cut by Coni = a tidy  yard and Serenity garden when the leaves are done falling.

This is kind of fun.



2 responses

6 12 2009

what a brilliant idea!
Love you


8 12 2009

Smart lady! We do it all the time too. Sweet trade-offs. Benefits everyone all the way around.


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