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30 06 2010

God, what are you doing?

15 12 2009

It has been a rather strange weekend, even by our standards.

Friday morning, Ed slept in late. I didn’t think too much about it until the second time I went in to wake him and he fell back to sleep again. That is not like him. He slept for 12 hours. When he finally got out to the kitchen, I got him a cup of coffee and left the room to take care of some things. I came back in five minutes or so to find him sleeping in the kitchen chair. Okay, he’s got my attention now. Bless his heart, he thought he was fine but I noticed his hands twitching and he was having difficulty putting words together. To make a long story short, I made a call to our doctor, a trip to the ER, test to confirm ammonia levels elevated, sent home with medicine and instructions. We were grateful he was not admitted and we had a solution.

By Saturday the symptoms had abated and he was almost clear headed. I kept an eye on him to be sure he was taking his meds properly. Then, I took my supplements and got the dog’s medicine together. Daisy, my 13 year old walker hound, has pancreatitis and nausea. I had a fairly long to-do list. I was standing at the kitchen table, talking to Ed and stressing a little. I had a glass of water in front of me and I swallowed the pills in my hand. Two seconds after I did that, I realized I had just taken the dog’s meds. What a dork.

My list got longer. I had to add a phone call to the vet to ask what kind of trouble I was in for taking this anti-nausea medicine for a dog. Then, I had to re-prioritize my list and move > forcing myself to vomit < straight to the top of the list.

Thankfully, the rest of the day went much smoother. In fact, I got a text message from a friend that I have been praying for since about 2005. I have seen her do well for a while, only to fall prey to some of her personal demons time and again. She wanted me to know that she has been going to church here in town and asked if I wanted to have coffee or lunch after church. WOW! She ended our conversation by saying that she was enjoying her new way of life.

Sunday was a wonderful day. Rock church had a Christmas celebration service that included some beautiful music, very stylish dance numbers , a relevant message of hope and a duet that reminded us to make this Christmas about giving of ourselves.

My friend came to the house for coffee and biscotti and we had a very nice time of fellowship. We talked about finding our purpose and living our lives for that purpose. I shared honestly that my dream, at one time, had been to help hurting women find their worth in Jesus Christ but I had reached a point where I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that anymore.

I am not as sure of my purpose as I once was. My small group has been studying a book called Reaching your Dreams by Tommy Barnett. I have been praying and searching my heart to re-connect me to my dream, my purpose.

Later that night, this friend called me to say, “Thanks for never giving up on me.” She went on to say, “You cannot stop helping broken women. You have made a difference in my life.” She ended the call by saying that she wanted to be like me and she wanted, someday, to have a husband like Eddie. At the risk of sounding redundant, WOW! The moving thing about her saying that is not that she wants to emulate me. The real cool thing is that she is sees Jesus in me. It is His unconditional love that is drawing her to Himself. It is His peace that is beckoning her.

I am so humbled that He allows me to be a part of His plan. And, I am so stinking excited to see what God is doing in her life.

God, is that You speaking to me through this person?

Blast from my past

8 05 2009

“I know what you kidzch need. How ’bout a niszch bean szchandwich? And a warm pair of szchockzch?”

We were sitting on the stoop of the brownstone building in a bad neighborhood in Boston. The front door opened and out shuffled a ragged looking older man. The deep wrinkles in his face told the story of a hard life. The few teeth that showed in his mouth as he spoke were brown and rotting and caused him to schlurp  his words. At first glance, he looked like a homeless refugee.  

I could feel Eddie looking at me but I knew that if I made eye contact with him, I would not be able to control the laughter that was bubbling in my belly. To my surprise, he took our new friend up on the offer of a bean sandwich. We watched the man, happy now, as he turned to go back into the building.

“What did you do that for?” I asked him.

“Have you ever had a bean sandwich?”  

“Never.” I assured him.

“Well, let’s see if he comes back. I bet he knows how to make a mean bean sandwich.”

We talked about robbing him if he did come back out. We could ask him to let us use his bathroom. Once inside his apartment it wouldn’t be hard to overcome him and take anything of value that we could find in a hurry. 

The cold was getting to me and I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open as I allowed my body to succumb to the heroin I had just snorted. The familiar cloak began to envelope my mind as I slipped in and out of awareness. I smelled the sandwich that had been placed on my lap and my stomach turned over. Sure enough, steamy hot baked beans on a fat slab of buttered bread sat on the melmac plate. We had spent the last of our money on drugs earlier that day. I pulled myself together enough to eat the sandwich. I learned a couple of things that day.

#1, Bean sandwiches are good on a cold November day.

#2, This old man was just trying to help a couple of messed up junkies.

I really can’t tell you why I am thinking of this story tonight. I wonder if God had protected him from us that day. For some inexplicable reason, we never robbed that man that day.

I have heard it all before

5 04 2009

This morning, my Bible fell open to this:

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

 But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

This scripture is found right after The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. I guess Jesus didn’t want to leave any wiggle room when it comes to forgiving. 

Then He proved everything He taught about forgiving by taking  the entire burden of my sin and forgiving me for everything I ever did wrong. Even the things I did wrong on purpose. Wow. That is walking the talk. Unto death.

litter genius

7 01 2009


This sign was at an intersection that I travel by regularly on my way home from the studio. When I first looked at it, I thought, “Wonder how many people see this sign.” Then I looked down at the ground in front of the sign.

Good sign. “Nuff said.

pondering and pinochle

1 01 2009


Happy New Year 2209.

As you can see, I am still learning  how to use my new camera. Haven’t quite figured it all out and I did not have much time to get this shot right since it was taken as the ball dropped and the first moment of 2009 began. I was hoping to have a clear shot of the TV screen showing the festivities in Times Square as we rung in the new year. The important thing is that Ed and I are together and we are with our best friends, Glenn and Nancy. We left a hot game of pinochle on the table so we could celebrate the magic moment. A new era has begun. I feel it is my duty to inform you that when we returned to the game, The girls WON by a landslide!!!! Woohoo, watch out boys, we are on a roll.

Here are some things that changed our lives in 2008:

  • Ed retired.
  • I worked on my favorite project so far. We Shall Remain airs on PBS in April 2009.
  • I was mistakenly diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. (Tell me that won’t shake up your world.)
  • Had a colonoscopy. Yep, life changing.
  • Made a decision to be more selective in the jobs I take. Family first.
  • Learned yet another lesson about trying to help people.
  • Gained 10 pounds.

Next post might be about things that I PLAN to change in 2009.

Peace out.

I don’t get it but…

30 12 2008

OK, now I have to say something about this thing called alphainventions.com.

This is what I know:

  • The other day, my blog stats showed 17 hits from alphainventions.com
  • i clicked on the link to check it out
  • I have no idea how they found me in the first place
  • After visiting their blog page, I had 134 hits from them.
  • Somehow??? They direct readers to my blog.
  • no cost

So, I wonder if one of my geek friends would like to check them out and explain to me how this thing works. They even have a very nice explanation of how it works but it is beyond me to comprehend all this guy is saying.

I just know that I had 172 hits today and 134 of them came from this site.