Baking aromas

20 12 2009

Cranberry-orange bread, banana bread, cranberry and pistachio biscotti fill the house with wonderful aromas today. This is a home made Christmas and I am baking some gifts.

The deep truth is that God has had His hand of blessing on us in a mighty way this year. We have been stretched in ways that I never imagined. I have a new appreciation for people who are full time care takers. There is no place else that would rather have been for past 10 months than right here with Eddie. That doesn’t mean I have been all that good at it. I think Ed deserves a metal for putting up with all of my “help”. Thank goodness that he is doing so much better.

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to create some beautiful hair for my friends in my studio. It is my goal that everyone leaves here feeling good about their looks. In return, my friends have made me feel like an amazing artist.

Ed and I have learned to tighten our belts and yet still manage to treat ourselves good. On Friday afternoon, we drove to Myrtle Beach and saw the Christmas Show at the Carolina Opry. It is always good and we leave the show full of Christmas spirit.

I have allowed myself to hide out for a couple of days. I just need a little hiatus. Feels good.

It has been a tough year for us. I look forward to what 2010 holds. I would like to think that we are better prepared than we were last year! Oh, and no more falling down. That would be awesome.



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