A little work, a lot of laughter

30 01 2008

The question came to me in an email today. “Are you having fun?”

This is the craziest business I have ever seen. I came to Virginia with the planned schedule of working Monday – Friday.
I worked a 15 hour day on Monday. In that 15 hours I did one man’s haircut and 2 ladies hairstyles for 1976. We sat from 10AM until 7:30 PM before they ever used one of our back ground actors. I was working with a group of folks that I don’t get to see all that much so it was like a reunion with much chatting and laughter and a catered lunch, followed by 1/2 hour of touch ups on the b.g.actors and more catching up with family photo sharing time and more laughter.This is a time of building relationships.

Coni and Sara hard at work

The production was way behind on their shooting schedule. They were having a problem with camera angles and such, so they changed the schedule. They gave us Tuesday off but because they made the decision after 3PM and did not give us warning that we would not be working… the production company has to pay us for an 8 hour day to sit in a hotel.

I slept in until 8AM. Read and prayed. Went to Target to buy a cheapo Mr. Coffee for my room. That is the best $15 I ever spent. Four of us met at the steak house for lunch. We all had a horrible lunch but laughed and took photos with our phones. I now have photos that pop up when these friends call me. Back to my room, reading blogs and talking on the phone about union contracts.

Then, the company decided to give us Weds. off but they don’t want to pay for our hotel rooms for the day ($42:00). So they send us home for the day, (not that any of us are going to check out, drive to Wilmington and then turn around and drive back for work on Thursday). Our union contract states that they have to pay us for our travel time which is 4 1/2 hours each way. Go Union!

Does this make any sense at all????? How do these people get to be the rich folks and how do they make any money at all???
That was a very long answer to your question, “Are you having fun?”
Here is the short answer, yup.
It is Weds. morning and I am chilling in my hotel with my first cup of coffee. Trying to plan what I will do with the day. It is raining here and so I will probably snuggle in and read for a while.

I am invited to my girlfriend Sara’s house for dinner tonight. She is the make up artist in the photo. We worked together on Dawson’s Creek for three years. Since then, she has been saved and now works on the 700 Club. She is now a Messianic Jew.

What a crazy life. I love it!!
Genesis 37:19 Then they said to one another, “Look, this dreamer (lit. master of dreams) is coming.”
Dream on. Love you

On the road again

26 01 2008


Was that really me just this afternoon? Yep, it certainly was. My feet soaking in warm water and gentle rollers traversing up and down my back in the chair. Thank you for a great pedicure and for taking this lovely photo, Emily.

Gone is the relaxation of that happy hour. (Gives a whole new meaning to that phrase doesn’t it? teehee.)

I have just finished packing like a crazy person for a 6 day stay in Virginia. ADD is not my friend when I have to pack my hair equipment and enough clothes for one week. I have already checked the weather forecast and it looks like rain for 4 out of 5 days there. The temp will fluctuate between 37-62. Yikes!! The production office sent out emails to warn everyone that it will be cold on our sets so dress for winter. I won’t even go into the toiletries. mumble grumble.

Actually, I am grateful to be going to work. I have only worked a handful of days since Army Wives ended in July.

Mr. Ed is sitting in the recliner with a dog on his lap. He is a smart man, staying out of the whirlwind that is Coni packing again.

I decided to take a break and put some ice on my neck and shoulders. I am sore tonight and, to be honest, not looking forward to a 4 hour drive tomorrow. But it could be worse. A couple of years ago I drove down to New Orleans for what I thought would be one week of work. That turned into a 3 month job for me. That kind of thing happens often for me. If all goes as planned, I will be driving home again next Saturday and singing with my beloved worship ministry at the Rock on Sunday morning. I love my church family. I plan to listen to the pod-cast of tomorrows service sometime during the week. I am learning to love technology.

Think about me and miss me while I am gone. I know you will be praying for me. As always, I need it.


25 01 2008


The photo in Movie Magic post is the travel rack full of wigs for the movie, Bolden. The wigs on top are for the scenes set in 1890. The finger-wave wigs were used for the scenes set in the 1930s. I had a great time working on these. There were about 7 hairstylists working on preparing these wigs. Together, we cut, thinned and styled 400 wigs in one week. That was a record for me.

I have no idea when this film will be in theaters. It is a biographical story about a cornet player named King Bolden. Great music by Winton Marsalis and very interestingly filmed. Probably will have an R rating.

Can we talk?

25 01 2008

So, this has been a week full of doctors and tests for me. It all started with a regular annual check-up. Alright, maybe not annual because I tend to blow these things off. The truth of the matter is, I can’t get over the feeling that once the doc gets you into his system, they look for all kinds of things to keep you coming back. I guess they are supposed to look for all kinds of things but… what a pain in the butt when they find “something”.

I will try not to bore you with all the skeevy little details. My EKG had extra beats so I wore a monitor for 24 hours. Seems that I throw an extra beat every 10 heart beats. No wonder I have difficulty with rhythm. Since I don’t have any symptoms like chest pains or tingling in my arms, we will just keep an eye on that. Whatever that means.

I also had to have a CT scan to check for possible tumor on my liver. We are still waiting for the radiologist to read the scan but first looks by my doc look clear. whew. Just when I thought it was safe to say, “See ya next year, Doc” he told me they saw something in my lungs that looked like pulmonary fibrosis. He explained it as scar tissue but my mind was already numb at this point. Down to radiology for chest xrays. Man…. see what I mean about getting put into the system? So, now I am waiting for results on those xrays.

Add into that equation 3 trips to the chiropractor to work on my Quasimodo hump and you got yourself a gal who needs to vent just a little.

The good stuff is, I got my hair cut today and I feel cute again. Met my friend Carolyn at Best Buy and spent a gift certificate from Christmas. Cool beans. Then we had lunch at Pita Delight. Good company, good hummus. What a blessing.

Tomorrow, I am spending another gift certificate on a pedicure. After this week of poking, prodding, take a breath, hold it, there are no side effects with this dye I am shooting into your veins, (liar, liar, pants on fire), everything looks clear, maybe not so clear…. Lord knows I could use a little pampering.

Hey, thanks for letting me get that all out of my system. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. Keep smiling, it’s all good.

Movie magic hair

24 01 2008

period wigs

Every  day of my life, I struggle with a lack of self confidence. I can sit here and write that I do believe that I am a good hair stylist. Why then, when I get out there on a movie set, do I feel like any minute they are going to discover that I am clueless? I am such an approval addict sometimes and it robs my joy. That is the big thing that I am trying to correct in myself lately.

It is interesting how, once you see something in your personality that bugs you, you begin to see it in many more areas than you ever suspected. Personality flaws seep into all aspects of our lives.

Low self esteem is a drain on the folks around you. Personally, I like to be around confident people who are not always second guessing themselves. I recognize the importance of remaining humble yet not doormat-like. It is this balance that I am reaching for.

While I am in Va. next week, I will be talking with a brilliant hair stylist who has written a book about period hair design. I met Jerry on the movie The Notebook and I loved him immediately. Maybe it was his Boston accent which I missed so much. I would meet him for breakfast on most Saturday mornings and listen to him talk about why the women wore long hair in the 1940s and how the Victory Roll hair style became popular across the nation. I could listen to him for hours which is very fortunate for me because he is a wealth of information.

Jerry, along with several of the long time members of my union, are forming classes to teach our union members how to create hair styles of different periods and he would like me to be one of the teachers. I am thrilled at this opportunity. I will engage in seminars put on by these talented and knowledgeable designers and then be able to pass on what they have taught me.

I feel like God has allowed me to see this self confidence weakness at just the right time. I have had a few years to be working on it to prepare myself for a time such as this.

Are you aware of a character flaw that has potential to hold you back from fulfilling your goals in life? You don’t have to name it but I am interested if anyone out there is dealing with the same kind of things I am. Or am I just being too sensitive?? I’ll be looking for some comment luv. 😉

to tweet or not to tweet

24 01 2008
  • So, I am not too sure about this twitter thing. Although I am quite satisfied that I managed to sign up and figure out a few things (with the help of one of my techno-geek buddies) I am not really certain that I like the whole idea. I like to get feedback when I comment about stuff. This kinda leaves me dry.
  • I will be going to Va. on Sunday to work on a movie called The Box. Story takes place in 1976. I love doing period hair. I will be working with a couple of good friends too.
  • I have lost another pound. Still tweaking the food plan so it benefits me better. I am encouraged.
  • Plan to live to a ripe old age.
  • I have had lots of medical tests done this week. Yesterday, I had a CT scan of my liver. I am wearing a heart monitor right now that is a nuisance. It comes off at 1:00 tomorrow. The Md, wanted to book me for chest xrays this week but I refused them. I worry about too much radiation and it’s not like I have anything wrong with my chest that needs checking. If it ain’t broke, don’t xray it.
  • Hoping Ed will continue to eat healthy while I am gone.
  • Started reading Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller. No comment yet.

Am I a techie now?

22 01 2008


I blog.

I twitter.

I follow 2 of my favorite Twitterers.

I rock.

Now, if only someone were reading my Twitters.

Got to love this marvelous age we live in (or get run over by it.) 🙂