My summer vacation??

31 07 2015

It is hard to believe I am more than halfway through my one week hiatus already. I head back to Charleston for season two of Vice Principals with Danny McBride and the gang after church on Sunday. So I am trying to find that balance of fun, rest and responsibilities. For instance, today I will meet a friend for lunch after which I will take Bella to the vet for her check up. See? Fun and responsibility.

As far as the rest goes, if there were a camera on me as I go about my household life I am sure I would look like a kindergarten child in the playroom. I know some of you can easily relate to this because I read your posts too. 😉

Coffee and meditation (that closely resembles daydreaming), are how I begin my day. I may log onto my bible app and read some scripture or I may check my FaceBook page. It is important to me to know what my friends are up to. Actually, I often form a prayer list for myself from some of my friends posts. That is my justification.

Next is breakfast and cleaning the dishes… Or listening to some music… Or practicing a new song for church… Or some more daydreaming, I mean, meditation. I find my thoughts quite entertaining and interesting. These should be put down in a blog post.

Okay, WordPress is open and I begin typing. Annnnd, Bella needs a walk. But first, I have to get out of these pajamas. While I am changing I should throw these clothes in the washer and get that first load started. Oops, I forgot to fold the towels from last night. This linen closet is looking bad. It will just take a second to straighten out these shelves. I forgot I had these dish towels. I am going to switch out the ones that are in the kitchen now. If I am quick, I can throw the ratty ones in with the first load of laundry. These towels look so nice, wonder why I ever put them in the closet. Oh! I love this song!

Yes Bella, I see you and I promise we will go for a walk in a minute. Let me find my socks…. Oh, they are in the laundry. Why, look at that, the first load is clean already. I will put them in the dryer and they will probably be done by the time we get back from our walk. I’ll just step out the back door for a minute to check the temperature so I know what  top to put on. I better get the doggie bags and clean that up now so I don’t forget where it is….

Before you fuss at me for putting my itinerary out here for the public to see, my house will NOT be empty. I have a renter and a neighborhood watch and my Mary and Tim next door on one side and Nick and Maura on the other side who constantly monitor the comings and goings for me.

Okay Bella, now for that walk.

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