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30 06 2010

a day

30 06 2010

I have been blessed with a pretty steady run of work lately. Nothing long term but several short pops, back to back.

Yesterday, I did something that I am not at all familiar with and it was way outside my comfort zone. I got sick at work and needed to ask to go home early. Some stomach bug attacked me and I kept trying to work through the stomach cramps and nausea. When I couldn’t eat more than two very timid bites of my salad and had NO desire for ice cream, I knew I was done for. I came home and went to bed for about 3 hours. When I got up, I was worse and so I did another thing outside my comfort zone and called my boss to tell her I would not be well enough to work in the morning. After 11 hours of sleep, the rest of today has been spent in and out of bed.

Tomorrow, I WILL be back to work. Life is good and my God is amazing.

The Kind diet

26 06 2010

Baby steps. Here we go again. Another leg of my life long journey to achieve and MAINTAIN a healthy weight. Blah, blah, blah goes the inner dialog. No time to eat right, no discipline to work out, too busy, too tired, too hot, too cold, too dog gone lazy!

While I was working in Shreveport, I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia Silverstone. We got into a conversation about healthy foods, healing foods. Alicia has been adhering to a macro-biotic food plan for some time now. She shared with me some stories about people with devastating illness who began to eat a vegan diet and their conditions improved or, in some cases, went away all together. I am not at all ready or willing to go completely vegan but many of the food facts that  we discussed made sense to me. I have been thinking more about the food I am eating and have even gone without eating any meats a couple of days a week. In her book, The Kind Diet, Alicia calls this “flirting.” You can find her book and some very interesting recipes by clicking here>>> http://www.thekinddietbook.com/uof/thekinddietbook/ps/. I was happy to see that I have been following a few of theses suggestions already. Reading the book is just like listening to her talk. She is very knowledgeable and understandable. If this is of interest to you, you may enjoy this website too. www.thekindlife.com. There are some interesting articles and some tasty recipes too.

By the way, Alicia is a gentle, genuine and generous young woman. She is quite devoted to helping folks get healthy by making good food choices. In fact, she is so devoted that she provided me with vegan meals for the last three days I was there. It made a huge difference in how I view vegetables, especially greens. With some of the meals she gave me a warning of sorts by saying, “This is not one of the yummy recipes so think of it as healing food because this is so good for you.”

So, it’s official, I am a flirt and I kinda dig it.

Ed and I ate lunch at Tidal Creek food co-op twice this week and, ta – da, he liked it!!!! He had some organic chicken and brown rice with veggies. I had Kale, quinoa salad and beet salad. It was good.

My baby steps today consisted of:

  • taking a 10 minute walk
  • 10 sit ups
  • 7 push ups
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • no dairy or meat today

Maybe by flirting with the Kind Diet and doing even this small amount of exercise it will get me back on the path to a healthy body.

Wish me well friends.

a HOT day on set

19 06 2010

I spent my week working with muses, nymphs and woodland creatures. This gorgeous young lady was one of the very talented dancers who donned this crazy outfit and this long, hot wig for her role. I am embarrassed that her name escapes me because she was a precious, sweet young lady who I saw for five days in a row. Most of those days, I put her wig on but alas, my memory is not as sharp as it once was in the area of remembering a name. Much better with faces.

making a movie in the heat of the day….

in a local park……

with smoke makers to give it ambience.

Did I mention the heat index was 110 degrees?

Well, it was. If you look to the back of the photo, where the trees are, you can see where the girls in white are. Their job on this fine day was to run, leap, dance and frolic… on a steamy hot, smokey set while wearing long wigs… AND act like they were having the best time of their lives. And, they did it beautifully.

The movie is called Bolden and it is due to come out sometime in 2011. It is taken from the true story of the man named Buddy Bolden who created Jazz music in the early 1900’s. It will be a visual and listening extravaganza. I am delighted to have been a part of it.

I truly do love what I get to do for a living.

Wounded and bleeding

8 06 2010

The Lord gave me an awesome word for my friend who was feeling abused by God.

He quite simply said, “The world is the abusive parent. I am the Savior.”

It is a challenge to hear and understand a Word like this when you are wounded and bleeding. My friend just looked battle weary as I tried to relay that message. You see, I have complete faith that God has an amazing plan for my friend. I also know that we have an enemy who wants us never to reach our God ordained potential.

As I pondered how the world could be abusive, many things came to mind. Here are a few thoughts.

  1. Our world is made up of people. Some are well balanced and well meaning, while others are wounded. Some folks are crazy and some are just plain mean. At any rate, people can do some pretty crappy things that make this world a hostile environment. Wounded people wound people.
  2. Our morals have been compromised to the point where we rationalize cheating and stealing and character assassination.
  3. I have read (and I believe it to be true) that if we are standing next to a person who takes a lethal bullet to the brain, our first thought is, glad that bullet didn’t hit me. I don’t think we can help thinking that way. It is in our human nature to protect ourselves first.

Our very next thought might well be, how can I help this person; but the first thought speaks volumes about our human nature. We think to protect ourselves above all else.  That mind set causes us all kinds of sorrow. People do things while in self preservation mode that they regret for years to come. And when they do it to me…. I go into self preservation mode and end up isolating in my misery. Or, worse than that, I go into retaliation mode and do or say things that I will regret.

The bottom line is this: The world is made up of people and people wound each other all day long.

The world is the abusive parent. I am the Savior.

I can not even imagine where I would be today if I did not have God to lean on through the insanity of these past two years.

  • God has been my strength.
  • God has given me a sound mind
  • God has been my shoulder to cry on.
  • God has been my deliverer.
  • God has directed my steps.
  • God has caused me to prosper.
  • God has been, and still is, healing me. Body and soul.
  • God has shed His mercy on me and reminded me to be merciful to others.
  • God has been my dream giver.
  • God has been my best friend.
  • God has been all powerful in my life.
  • God has been my redeemer.
  • God has stuck by me, closer than a brother.
  • God has been my protection and my strong tower to run into for safety.
  • God has been my grace.
  • God knows me intimately, and He loves me.
  • God knows the number of hairs on my head, and He loves me.
  • God knows every word in my mouth before I even speak it, and still, He loves me.

I am sincerely praying for my friend.

Dear Lord, Please show my friend that you are not an abusive parent. Do not let this precious one go through another day without knowing Your true nature. Reveal the Truth of Who You are. Heal the wounds. Jesus, save Your little lamb. Thank You. I look forward to the day that I hear my friend call You Friend. And it is in Your Holy Name that ask this of You. Amen