17 08 2012

Storms of life will come. It doesn’t matter if you are ready for them or not. It doesn’t even matter if you are doing everything right. Storms are a part of life and they do come and they have a huge potential to knock us off our feet sometimes. For someone with a past like mine; (alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and crime) it is very important to be anchored. I have found my anchor. His name is Jesus and this is my meek attempt at expressing how much He means in my life.

Oh Lord, You are a wonderful God. It is a good practice for me to look at all you have done in my life. Looking back helps me to realize that nothing is too difficult for You. Sexual abuse is not too difficult. Alcoholism and drug addiction are no match for Your power of love and restoration. There is no sin so powerful that it is beyond Your helping hand. Thank You that You are ever present. You do not play hide and seek. You are constant and trustworthy and able. I can leave all of my anxieties and concerns with you in full confidence that You have my best interest in Your heart. You are my everlasting Father.

Your love for me is so deep that I cannot fathom it.

Your concern for me is so complete that You have even numbered all the hairs on my head.

Your Holiness is so bright that I can never look upon it with my human eyes.

Your desire for me is so strong that You formed a plan to redeem me to Yourself.

Your resolve is so powerful that You allowed sinners to beat You and nail You to a cross as You lay down your life for my sake.

Your Grace is so miraculous that, somehow, all of my sin was transferred to You.

Your bounty is so full that all of Your righteousness was imparted to me.

Your Glory is so awesome that death could not hold You in the grave.

Your salvation is so simple that all I have to do is accept it; and yet it is so powerful that it makes me an overcomer.

You are God, my Father,

Jesus, Who is closer than a brother,

Holy Spirit, Who dwells right inside me and guides my steps.

Thank You for giving me the privilege of being Your daughter. Help me to remain faithful and anchored in the Hope that is my salvation. And help me to have a heart like Yours. Keep teaching me how to love the unlovable. Keep me mindful that it is not all about me.