Angels unaware.

28 02 2009

How did it get to be Saturday night already? And who would ever believe that I am heading to bed before 10 PM? 

Before I turn in for the night, I just want to say that I am so grateful for the friends and family that are keeping us lifted up during this madness. I really am too tired to make sense tonight so I will not even attempt to name people. Family members, church family and friends from all over have called or visited the hospital or left encouraging notes here and on Face Book. Every chicken soup that has been brought for Ed and every Vanilla latte for me has meant more than I can tell you.

Ed and I are truly blessed. I am constantly reminded that we are the apple of God’s eye. When I can’t think or pray, God puts someone else in our paths to remind us of Who we  belong to. This morning, I went to the cafeteria to get my oatmeal and coffee to bring up to Ed’s room so we could have breakfast together. I met a lady there who just began to tell me how good God is and that He has everything in control. We did not know each other. She never met Ed. She just asked me if I had a friend in the hospital and I told her it is my husband. We walked to the elevator together and spoke of God’s power and His love. I thanked her and got on the elevator. She continued on to the front door of the hospital and we never even asked each others name. We didn’t need to know names. We knew that we are both in the family of a God Who loves us and knows exactly what we need. That makes us kin.

I am hitting PUBLISH and going to bed.

could be worse

26 02 2009

It has been one week today since my honey fell and broke himself. Just a quick update. Ed is doing well. He has been out of bed once today and sat in a chair for about 2 hours. It is very painful for him to get up and move but he is getting the hang of it. He has a bunch of staples on his hip, I haven’t counted them yet, and a huge bruise all around the staples. It hurts just to look at it but the surgeon is quite pleased with everything.

Ed was doing so well that the doctors said he could be moved out of ICU on Weds. morning. The thing is that there are no rooms available to move him to and so we are in a holding pattern in the small, glass cubicle that is Intensive Care. Today, I am trying to accept that God must have a reason for us being there. It could be worse (although my claustrophobia is driving me nearly nuts!!!!)

Thank God for good friends who have been so thoughtful and helpful through it all. What a blessing during a crazy hard time.

Ed has a lot of hard work to do in order to recover well. No funny stories about him today. I am too tired to be funny.

Hip, hip hooray!!!

23 02 2009

Surgery a success today!!!!! God has blessed us. The doctor was pleased with the outcome of Ed’s partial hip replacement. Ed was still pretty drugged up when I left the hospital tonight. He is in ICU where they are monitoring his every breath. I decided to use this opportunity to come home and sleep in my own bed once again.

Just before I left the ICU, he awoke long enough to look at me and say, “Oh hi! I am pretty impressed that this medicine is not making me groggy at all.” He then proceeded to scratch his nose on top of the oxygen mask that covers his nose and mouth, laid his head back on the pillow and softly snored his way back to dream land.

Lord, I love that man.

Poor Ed

20 02 2009

So, here is a heads up. On Thursday morning, Ed got out of bed, got dizzy, fell on the floor and broke his left hip. EMTs came and put him in an ambulance. I told them I would follow in the car. Ed yelled to me, “Bring my shoes. I am not staying in the hospital! I am coming home.”

He is so cute.

One of the EMTs turned to me and quietly said, “I don’t know how stubborn your husband is… but I don’t think he is going to need those shoes. He is acting just like his hip is broken.”


EMT = 10 points for being right

Ed = 100 points for being cute

Ed is still in the hospital on this Friday evening. We are hoping for surgery on Sunday.

My favorite work project

16 02 2009


Meet Ken Foster. Mr. Foster is a gentleman that I met while working on a project outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

 This has been one of the most meaningful projects of my short, 15 year career as a hair stylist for film and television. It was definitely my favorite because of the people involved.

Ken is one of the Cherokee Elders who traveled from Oklahoma to be a part of this American Experience series.

Please check out this link.

Let me know if you spot me in a photo or two. 🙂

Fabulous Sunday

15 02 2009

It feels like forever since I have posted. Work on One Tree Hill has taken up all my creative time except for Saturday, which I spend creating beauty and funkiness in my studio. 

I have carved out a piece of this fabulous Sunday to drop in and say that I am getting back on course.

I began the day at Rock Church, dressed in my red and white, valentine love colors. A couple of weeks ago our music leader asked me to sing a Van Morrison song with the band (the Rock Church band is killer!) for Valentines Day. I said yes right away even though I wasn’t so sure I could pull this one off. This is just the kind of challenge I enjoy. So, this morning, I sang Crazy Love and I sang with the praise team. I had a blast! The congregation seemed to enjoy Crazy Love too as we made it a love song about Jesus. “He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love!” I truly think I am the happiest when I am singing about Jesus and His amazing love. An added blessing was the fact that someone I invited actually came today… and she brought a friend with her. Then, after service, I stayed to rehearse for next Sunday’s service. We are pulling some oldies out of the vault. I am really excited about next week too.

So, to wrap it all up;  I woke up and went to church to sing about Jesus’ love, sat with my husband, had the joy of seeing a friend at church, heard an inspiring message about Jesus’ love, sang some more about Jesus’ love, came home for lunch with Ed and made time to write something. What a fabulous Sunday so far.

Now, I am heading back to church for my small group meeting. We have a Biggest Loser group where we encourage each other to take better care of our bodies, work out and weigh in together. I don’t even mind the weighing in part because nobody has anything negative or embarrassing to say about anyone’s weight. We all have different life circumstances and the main object is to get healthy, not necessarily skinny. Although, we will be quite happy if skinny accompanies healthy. 😉 Today, we will work out with Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. Oh yeah, bring it on.

I love Sundays!!!!


8 02 2009


It snowed again and this one only lasted about a half hour.

Bella was confused by it.


Daisy had the right idea. Snuggle in next to Daddy on the recliner and wait it out.

Here is the difference between a young pup and an old dog.