THE WILMYWOOD DAILY – 04/03/2014 – Age of Miracles, The Heart, Sleepy Hollow, Loomis Fargo, Bolden and Way More!

3 04 2014

This is a great source of information for what is going on in the Wilmington film community. Lots of jobs coming to the Ilm and other NC cities. I am so grateful to see NC grow.

The Wilmywood Daily

Happy Thursday my loves!  What a whirlwind yesterday, huh?  Well, guess what?  Here comes some more! AND NOW IT’S TIME FOR [INSERT BILLOWING ECHO-Y VOICE] RUUUUMMOOOORS FROM THE LOT!

sleepy-hollow1SLEEPY HOLLOW will be bringing more monsters, IchAbbie and perhaps Yolanda to the fans.  Rumor has it there will be more episodes this season, as many as 18.  I will be speaking with Orlando soon, and hopefully he will get us some more deets.

BoldenMore news about BOLDEN!  Looks like the indie flick will be opening offices again very soon.  THEY MEAN IT THIS TIME! Though they do not have an official schedule yet,  I heard they will resume production at the end of the summer/early fall.  AND I heard there offices are all the way out in Rocky Point.  Crazy, right?  No word yet who will be replacing Anthony Mackie for the lead role.  And who knows, maybe he…

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