Going Home

9 12 2012

There is nothing more difficult than watching a loved one come to the end of their life. There is nothing more noble than remaining by their side and giving them assurance that they can go.

A few days ago I went to see my friend Mrs. Claire. I brought my hymnal and planned to sing some of her favorites for her as she lay in a hospital bed in her living room. It was finally time for her to go into hospice and she and her family were waiting for the ambulance to come and transfer her. Stomach cancer has wasted her away to a frail shadow. She told me she was ready to see Jesus. I told her I would pray that He would take her soon. Then, I asked her to tell my husband that I love him when she sees him. She promised she would. It was not a sad conversation.

When I asked what hymn she would like to hear first, she requested a very lively, hand clapping, contemporary Christian song I used to sing in church years ago. She especially liked the lyrics that say, ” dance all night if you please, shout and sing I’m free. You won’t disturb the peace ’cause your neighbor is the Holy Ghost and you know He never sleeps.”

Today, my friend Mr. Shourds watched his bride of 43 years draw her last breath. He held her hand until he was sure that Jesus had taken her from him.
I think Mrs. Claire will be dancing all night.