Are you a Dorcas?

31 12 2009

My enjoyment for knitting has opened a door that is quite unexpected. A small group of knitters, crocheters and greeting card makers will begin meeting together on the second Tuesday in January. The group will be named Dream Weavers. I have been asked to lead this meeting. Cool huh? We will have a choice of knitting hats and scarfs for the inner city ministry that reaches out to the homeless folks in our city, or crocheting prayer shawls for the sick or making greeting cards for all occasions. It promises to be a time of creativity, fellowship and fun.

This could be a very interesting group of women. Women who have a heart like Dorcas in the book of Acts. Dorcas was called a disciple. The woman was well loved by her community because she was full of love and did good works for other people. Her good works consisted of making garments for people. In fact, when Dorcas got sick and died, her neighbors sent for Peter. When he arrived at the house they brought him to the room where her dead body laid, “and all the widows stood by him weeping, showing the tunics and garments Dorcas had made them while she was still with them.” Peter put them all out of the room, he knelt and prayed and raised her back to life.  Her amazing story is in Acts 9:36 – 42.

I think that Dorcas was a disciple with a mission, a purpose… a dream. She used her talent and ability to serve Jesus by blessing others.

The Dream Weavers have an opportunity to use their talents and abilities to serve our Lord and bless the people in our city. A warm scarf and hat on one of our cold winter nights can make a big difference to one person. A shawl that has been made and prayed over by some disciples of Jesus can be a comfort and perhaps even hold a miracle of healing. A person going through a time of celebration or a time of grieving, struggle or fear can be touched by a hand-made card that conveys the message that someone cares and is praying.

If you are a Dorcas looking for a way to bless others, come and join us on January 12th for our first meeting. Just go on line to and sign up for the Dream Weavers small group. We will contact you to let you know what you will need to bring.

Are you a Dorcas?



One response

31 12 2009

I just went and joined Dreamweavers. I can’t wait! Thanks for leading this group!


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