Work on Safe Haven

26 07 2012

Last night I was sitting on my couch, eating Szechuan take out and looking at Face Book. I saw a quote from Joyce Meyer that said, When you are tempted to complain, instead say “Thank You Lord”. So I shared it and underneath, in a comment, I wrote, “Thank You Lord”.
I recently left one job to move onto another that was going to last longer. In the film business, that is a good change. However, after working for 2 days on the new job, I was informed that I would be laid off for 12 days. Not so good. I was disappointed to have no pay for 2 weeks. So, I said, “Thank You Lord.”
Now, I know that was not a magic spell or mantra, but it helped me to focus on the fact that God has it all under control and I do not need to worry. God has never let me down yet and I think He even takes more direct care of widows that put their trust in Him. Besides, worry can do nasty things to a person.
Within minutes of posting that simple thank you, my phone rang. A hair stylist friend on the other end asked me if I wanted to drive down to Southport, a 45 minute drive, and help work on some stunt wigs for Nick Sparks movie, Safe Haven. Thirty minutes later, at 7:30 PM, I was in the car. I had a lovely 45 minutes to thank my Lord properly. He rewarded me with a beautiful sunset as I was pulling into Southport.
And then I got to see the fireworks our production set off over the harbor.
He has it all under control and then some.