21 12 2009

This was my view from my couch yesterday. Bella, the black dog in the fore front, always has to be touching me somehow. In this pic she is laying on my foot. I love that she is that attached to me.

What you don’t see is the knitting project I have been working on. I have started making hats and scarfs for some of the homeless folks that come to Rock Church on Sunday mornings. The weather is getting colder. Tonight it will get down to the 20’s. Ed and I always think of these folks and pray that they will find a safe and warm place for the night. I am very grateful for my home.

Ed and I have been good for each other. We have worked hard and sacrificed together for 27 years. In the first years of our marriage, Ed was a merchant seaman. He worked on an oil tanker as a steward/cook. We spent months at a time apart from each other. I held down the fort at home, so to speak while he worked and traveled around the world. When we bought our home in NC we made financial plans to pay our mortgage off in 15 years. Two years into our new home, Ed was laid off. Our plans were radically changed. I got a job in the film industry and after a few years, it wasn’t uncommon for me to be working out of state and Ed was holding down the fort. Ed started his own business and became relatively successful in it.

This year has radically changed our lives again. Ed is now fully retired, not able to work anymore. I have not worked a film since February. We sold his business along with his carpet cleaning truck and used that money to pay off our home. We are learning how to live with less and we are blessed. We have each other and we have a home.

We have been very good for each other and God has never let us down. He knows the plans He has for us and we have always trusted His plan.



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