My summer vacation??

31 07 2015

It is hard to believe I am more than halfway through my one week hiatus already. I head back to Charleston for season two of Vice Principals with Danny McBride and the gang after church on Sunday. So I am trying to find that balance of fun, rest and responsibilities. For instance, today I will meet a friend for lunch after which I will take Bella to the vet for her check up. See? Fun and responsibility.

As far as the rest goes, if there were a camera on me as I go about my household life I am sure I would look like a kindergarten child in the playroom. I know some of you can easily relate to this because I read your posts too. 😉

Coffee and meditation (that closely resembles daydreaming), are how I begin my day. I may log onto my bible app and read some scripture or I may check my FaceBook page. It is important to me to know what my friends are up to. Actually, I often form a prayer list for myself from some of my friends posts. That is my justification.

Next is breakfast and cleaning the dishes… Or listening to some music… Or practicing a new song for church… Or some more daydreaming, I mean, meditation. I find my thoughts quite entertaining and interesting. These should be put down in a blog post.

Okay, WordPress is open and I begin typing. Annnnd, Bella needs a walk. But first, I have to get out of these pajamas. While I am changing I should throw these clothes in the washer and get that first load started. Oops, I forgot to fold the towels from last night. This linen closet is looking bad. It will just take a second to straighten out these shelves. I forgot I had these dish towels. I am going to switch out the ones that are in the kitchen now. If I am quick, I can throw the ratty ones in with the first load of laundry. These towels look so nice, wonder why I ever put them in the closet. Oh! I love this song!

Yes Bella, I see you and I promise we will go for a walk in a minute. Let me find my socks…. Oh, they are in the laundry. Why, look at that, the first load is clean already. I will put them in the dryer and they will probably be done by the time we get back from our walk. I’ll just step out the back door for a minute to check the temperature so I know what  top to put on. I better get the doggie bags and clean that up now so I don’t forget where it is….

Before you fuss at me for putting my itinerary out here for the public to see, my house will NOT be empty. I have a renter and a neighborhood watch and my Mary and Tim next door on one side and Nick and Maura on the other side who constantly monitor the comings and goings for me.

Okay Bella, now for that walk.

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hair fashion inspiration and the longest ride

17 05 2014

If laughter is a good medicine then laughing at myself must be good for my soul.

I should be reading a script and making notes this morning.

Does anyone else in the blogosphere agonize over starting a post with a word other than “I”? The more I think about it the harder it is to do. After all it is my blog with my thoughts and my words. I guess it must have “I” in it more than once or twice.

It is Saturday morning, I am in my PJs and have already had 3 cups of coffee and it is not quite eleven AM yet.

oldest Kenny

okay Coni, focus! You aint gettin’ any younger here.

I am excited that I will be going to a hair show and expo at the end of this month. Fawn is going to meet me there. It will be her first big show. This is one of the biggest in the country. There will be hundreds of presenters teaching about new products, conducting classes on hair cuts, colors and perms, new techniques and, of course, trying to sell us everything in their line. It is always an inspiring time and I get to hang out with my very cool daughter in between classes. We have reservations at a 4 star hotel that is only a block from the convention center. I love when a plan comes together.

I will begin prepping for a Nicholas Sparks movie as soon as I return. The story is The Longest Ride and it spans seventy years.


We will be creating some beautiful period fashions of the 1940s, 50s, 60s and more.. Many of you know, this is my favorite thing to do. I will be working under a very talented lady who is a wizard with wigs among other things. We had a great experience working together on another film here in Wilmington and I learned some valuable things from her. Colleen is a ball of energy and her ideas come fast and furiously. I only hope I can keep up with her. I will have to take my vitamins every day and eat a healthy breakfast. 😉

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?

Just in time!

10 05 2012

Timing is the key to comedy.

What if you had learned how to ski? Maybe you even got to ski every day for two weeks in a row and you felt like you were pretty good at it. Then, for next twelve years, you never got to get up on your skis again. You went to the slopes, you watched the other skiers and picked up some good tips on how to maneuver on the slopes but, you didn’t get on the skis.

That is how I felt about working with lace wigs. I had two weekend classes with one of the best in our business. Colleen Callaghan taught us finger waves, period hairstyles and all kinds of wig work. I felt pretty confident after her classes. The problem is that I never got to work on a lace wig. I got to use every other thing she taught us as I honed my skills but, for some crazy reason, not lace wigs. I have worked beside other incredibly talented hair stylists and watched them apply the wigs and make it look like that hair was growing right out of the scalp. I even handed the pins, passed the wig cap, held the bottle of glue and watched them press that lace into the skin until it could no longer be detected. But, I had no confidence to do it myself.

Last year, another wig class was being taught in NY by another wig master. I signed up and flew to NY by myself to take the class. Immediately after signing up for the class, I was hired as the hair department head on season 3 of EastBound and Down. The main character wears a mullet hair piece and there would be some other wigs involved in the show. Yep, timing is the key to comedy.

I stayed in NY with my friend, Michelle, who had hired me on my first job in the film industry. She had been inviting me for years and I finally took her up on it.

I had worked on a show before with the teacher, Werner Scherer, and was thrilled to set up my station next to him on that show so I could watch and learn. But now I had the chance to perform my lessons in front of the teacher so he could correct any bad habits I may have formed. It was a great class for me and restored to me some confidence for wig work. The only thing I did not get to do in that class was actually glue the lace onto someone’s forehead. When I told that to Michelle, she grabbed a lace wig she just happened to be working on at her house and took me out to her backyard patio. There we sat while I glued the lace to Michelle until I was confident working with wig glue!!! How blessed am I?


If I only knew how much wig work would be involved in the filming of my show, I definitely would have panicked. As it turned out, I knew everything I needed to know just in time to have a successful season and do some fun work with some great talent.