hair fashion inspiration and the longest ride

17 05 2014

If laughter is a good medicine then laughing at myself must be good for my soul.

I should be reading a script and making notes this morning.

Does anyone else in the blogosphere agonize over starting a post with a word other than “I”? The more I think about it the harder it is to do. After all it is my blog with my thoughts and my words. I guess it must have “I” in it more than once or twice.

It is Saturday morning, I am in my PJs and have already had 3 cups of coffee and it is not quite eleven AM yet.

oldest Kenny

okay Coni, focus! You aint gettin’ any younger here.

I am excited that I will be going to a hair show and expo at the end of this month. Fawn is going to meet me there. It will be her first big show. This is one of the biggest in the country. There will be hundreds of presenters teaching about new products, conducting classes on hair cuts, colors and perms, new techniques and, of course, trying to sell us everything in their line. It is always an inspiring time and I get to hang out with my very cool daughter in between classes. We have reservations at a 4 star hotel that is only a block from the convention center. I love when a plan comes together.

I will begin prepping for a Nicholas Sparks movie as soon as I return. The story is The Longest Ride and it spans seventy years.


We will be creating some beautiful period fashions of the 1940s, 50s, 60s and more.. Many of you know, this is my favorite thing to do. I will be working under a very talented lady who is a wizard with wigs among other things. We had a great experience working together on another film here in Wilmington and I learned some valuable things from her. Colleen is a ball of energy and her ideas come fast and furiously. I only hope I can keep up with her. I will have to take my vitamins every day and eat a healthy breakfast. 😉

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?



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