Gratitude and Slippers in the snow

30 01 2014

unnamedThis is day 3 of Sleet-ageddon and I am experiencing some cabin fever. I stepped out onto my back patio and expected to sink into the 2 inches of snow accumulated there. As you can see, I did not sink. The snow that fell in the evening was mixed with sleet. It covered the ground with ice. Let’s just say that this precipitation will safely hold over 125 pounds. Very safely.

Wilmington is virtually shut down due to icy driving hazards. There are news reports of wrecks all over town. We don’t do snow tires or snow chains in South East North Carolina. However, I am pretty sure that everyone I know  made it to the store to buy bread and milk (and beer for some) before the first snowflake (make that sleetball) hit the ground.

I can’t count how many times I have thought about Ed’s answer to people who ask what brought him to Wilmington. “I tied a snow shovel to the roof of the car and drove south. When someone asked me what it was, I stopped.” His other favorite joke was, “Sometimes I wake up grumpy. Sometimes I just let her sleep.” I never got that one.

My oak floors were scheduled to begin installation today. It probably will not happen for another 3 days now. I am disappointed but, my PollyAnna side is just grateful that I was not stranded in my car on I-20 in Atlanta for 21 hours as some folks were. I am safe and warm in my house with a refrigerator full of food.

unnamed-1I tried to take Bella out for a short walk on my street. Between her doing the splits and me, fake skating along in my Uggs, we turned around within five minutes and headed for the safety of our torn up, semi- carpeted floor.

I was surprised when the floor man told me that he had been chewed out a couple of times this morning because he was not able to get his installers in to work. One man reamed him because he will not have his oak floors in time for his Super Bowl party! It is not like they took a day off to go fishing. Although, that does happen around here sometimes… but not this time! All of our news stations are reporting that the Sherif’s department is requesting that people stay off the roads.


I guess I have just had some real stuff going on these past few weeks. Two of my friends have gone to meet their maker. My friend Ruthie passed of cancer of the uterus and my friend “Cuz” passed suddenly of complications from the flu. Both leave beautiful families behind. Another friend has contracted some weird bacteria that left him in the hospital for 45 days! During that time his kidneys failed, he was on life support, had both legs amputated below the knees and some fingers amputated off both hands. His pain level from the amputations was so intense that they had to keep him knocked out on heavy duty pain meds to the point that he was hallucinating and having terrors! He and his wife are raising 5 adopted children all under the age of 10! By the Grace of God, he is alive and undergoing intense rehab to learn to move all over again.

If not getting my oak floors in as scheduled is my biggest problem, I am very blessed.

These are some of the fund raising pages for two of my friends. If you feel like you can give anything to either one of these, your donation will be used well and so appreciated.





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