Perfect inner date

20 01 2014

I am going out on a date tonight. Did I just hear you gasp? It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise should it? It had to happen sooner or later.
I have had my eye on this one for quite a while now. Of course, I tried not to be completely consumed (that would just be creepy) but I have seen a lot of change and growth over the course of time. Stylish, witty, fun loving, compassionate and pretty. Yes, I said pretty because she is. Did you just gasp again? Do you need to go get a drink of water?
And… wait for it… she loves purple. Sounds like me doesn’t she? That’s because she is me.
I am taking myself out on a dinner date tonight. I am going to treat myself just like I would like a date to treat me. I will walk myself to the car instead of tooting the horn out front. I will open the car door for myself and then close it after I am safely inside. We will go to whatever restaurant happens to be my favorite this evening and my driving will be impeccable. When I am walked to my table, the chair will be pulled out, either by me or the host seating me. The most delectable item on the menu will be chosen and I will do the ordering. I will regale myself with funny stories, all in my mind of course, and I shall make it appoint not to snort when I laugh (to myself). When the dinner date is over, I will pay the bill AND leave the tip. This date is not double dutch. Then I will go get the car. I would bring it around to the front of the restaurant but my date will not have it. I insist on walking to the car with me. Once I get back to the house, I will open my car door and walk me to the door. I will not presume to kiss myself at the door. When I am invited in, I will not try to get into my pants. Until, that is, it is time for bed and then I will get into my pajamas.
Wish me luck. By the way, the title is not a typo.



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