Bullies and a senior citizen

19 01 2014

On one of my frequent driving excursions for work, I enjoyed a lunch break in front of the fireplace at Cracker Barrel. The first thing the smiling waitress said as she came to take my order was, “I love your hair!” During my lunch, a woman somewhat older than me made it a point to stop on her way by my table to say, “I love your hair. You go girl.” I am not a stranger to comments like these. In fact, if a couple of days go by where no one compliments my hair, I know it is time to touch up my hair color. Purple fades very quickly. If I were not a hair stylist and able to do my own hair color in between salon visits I would never attempt to pull off this color. I love my fabulous, short, mohawk haircut by Paula at  Elsewhere Salon in Wilmington, NC and I love the Pimpin’ Purple hair color we use to make my mohawk POP.

Photo 104

There is another side to this coin of many compliments. After my lunch on that day, I was leaving the restaurant and heading to my car when I noticed two men entering the restaurant were staring at me. I kept them in my line of vision with a side glance and this is what I saw. They were both smiling. Not the kind and friendly sort of smile but that ridiculing, half smirky, bullying type of smile. One elbowed the other and nodded his head in my direction, which was not really necessary since they were both staring at me already. Then, they looked at each other and burst out laughing, loud and mean spirited. I turned my head to make eye contact with one of the big shots, gave him my most charming smile, tilted my head and winked at him. They both smiled a much kinder smile and then stumbled over each other on the way in the door. I had to giggle when they both, still looking at me, shrugged their shoulders at the same time. I shrugged back at them and proceeded to giggle all the way to my car.

As I got back onto the highway, I replayed that scene and realized a couple of things. First of all, it is true what they say; mean people really do suck. Grown men bullies act pretty much the same as junior high bullies. Bullies are cowards. They band together with like minded creeps to give each other validation. What a boring and non-creative way to spend a life.

Second, I have grown into a confident woman. There was a day when something like that would have completely devastated my day. I am quite happy to know that is not the case, most times, anymore. I can still fall into that pit on occasion but, after a mere six decades, I have grown comfortable with some things about me. I have a quirky sense of style for myself. My world is not rocked anymore when I discover that someone has completely missed seeing what an awesome woman I am. I like the color purple, I like to smile, I like to make people laugh and I like to see people smile. I am not afraid of bullies. I am glad I made the two nice ladies smile. I am glad I made the bullies laugh. And I am glad they made me giggle… all the way to the car.



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24 01 2014

You totally stole my hair style.


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