Working in the film industry…

13 11 2012

Working in the film industry is anything but routine. Crazy hours, crazy, creative people and a big old bag of just plain crazy are a few terms I would use to describe any given work day. Some things can be routine but for the most part, every day is different. I like that. I like meeting new people and facing new challenges. I like watching the process of filming a scene and I like helping to create a character by contributing a hair style. My work has saved me from falling head long into depression this past 18 months. Am I using my job to run away from my reality? Um.. yes. Everything just hurt too much to stand still and feel the pain, so I threw myself into work. But now, it is time to slow down a little.

My friend Cristy asked me to come back to Charleston and work on season 7 of Army Wives as her second. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to work with her again and said yes right away. As I began to search the internet and put feelers out for a suitable apartment for 5 months in Charleston, an uneasiness grew in me. I kept trying to shake it off. It just increased until I finally went to God with it and said, “Okay, WHAT?” Yeah, sometimes I get snippy with Him. I am grateful He puts up with me and continues to press me into “uncomfortable” until I am ready to listen.

I still don’t know exactly WHAT. He doesn’t always think it is necessary for me to know everything. I am, however, quite sure that this is not a good time for me to return to the surroundings I was in when I got called home to take care of my Eddie. I never could have guessed that I would only have a couple of weeks with him. I am grateful that I went against his wishes and quit my job so I could stay home with him. He later told me he was glad I was home too.

God bless Cristy. I had to call her and tell her that I wasn’t coming and she was very gracious, understanding as best she could what I didn’t fully understand myself.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on a tv series being filmed right here in Wilmington. Perhaps you have heard of “Revolution.” It airs on NBC on Monday nights at 10 PM. It is another JJ Abrams series and they seem to enjoy success.

My job is only a couple of days a week which is affording me the luxury of slowing down enough to evaluate my life. The actors are lovely and my department is great. It feels like I am in the right place at the right time. God is good. He is in control. He knows what I need. I just want to draw closer to Him. He is the boss of me.



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13 11 2012

I’m happy things have worked out – I hope your evaluation leads you to something wonderful – I’m sure it will if you leave it in His hands. I miss working with you, buddy.


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