free to run

23 09 2012

Bella enjoys a walk anytime and anywhere. Because she is so well behaved and likes to stick close to me, I can sometimes let her run without a leash. We have developed a habit of taking her leash off when we get to a portion of North College Road that has a wide span of grass that is on the safe side of the ditch. She likes to explore along the edge of the ditch but sometimes I get concerned that she will over step her boundaries and get too close to the traffic on the road. That is when I call her back to me. Ninety nine percent of the time, she comes when I give her the command, “here” and point to my foot. She runs back to me and touches my leg with her nose as if she were checking in. On the one percent of the time that I have to go get her, I put her leash back on for the rest of the walk. I don’t do that to punish her or to prove that I am the Master. I put her leash back on because it is my responsibility to keep her safe. Her freedom has boundaries. In this case, freedom without boundaries is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Bella is smart, well mannered and obedient but at the end of the day, she is still a dog. She does not always see the danger of being in the road when a car is coming. So, it is my job to keep her safe. Pretty simple, right?

Thank You Lord, for allowing me freedom. I am grateful that you have provided boundaries that will keep me safe in my freedom. Although I may not act like it in the moment, I am grateful for the times You put my leash back on because I know that Your priority is my safety. I am listening. It is my desire to be wise and obedient but, at the end of the day, I am still human. Thank You for keeping me safe. Amen



4 responses

23 09 2012

I love you & the way you communicate so clearly.


23 09 2012

I love your writing style! Great article!


23 09 2012

I love the way you write! Awesome article!!


26 09 2012
Lisa Bullard

Absolutely LOVE this! So true! Love you!!!


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