brown leaves

22 09 2012
This morning, I get to do one of my favorite things. I am on my back patio with a cuppa joe while I read my inspirations for the day.
This cooler weather has turned the leaves brown seemingly overnight. My little doggie is barking and chasing lizards. Once upon a time, they all had tails. Now, only about half the population still have their tail.
Oh, but I was reading my morning meditations. “Your life cannot become a glorious adventure while you continue to play it safe.” Hmm. Make a mental note of where Bella just ….  My concentration is the pits this morning. Maybe I should just grab my scoop and pick up that dropping before I forget where it landed. It’s a good thing I saw her because, oh, that is a brown leaf. Brown leaf, brown leaf, brown leaf. I feel like I am in a game of Where’s Waldo. Brown, HA! There it is. Stupid brown leaves.
Now, back to that thought about a gloriously adventurous life. Mmm. This is a robust cup of coffee.



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