One whole darn year!!

29 04 2012

This is a photo of one of the church vans at My church, the Rock Church of Wilmington. The tall white guy, second from the left is my Eddie. He used to drive one of those vans downtown and to pick up some of the homeless folks who wanted to come to church. He also drove through some neighborhoods to pick up folks who simply didn’t have a ride to church.

April 20, 2012 marked one year since Ed passed away. It was amazing to have my whole family together during the week and a blessing that they all came to church with me. We all sat together in one row. That is the first time ever. Pastor Ron brought a great message about what we do in the meantime. Those times when we are waiting for something to happen. He reminded us that God is in the “meantime.” He has the plan for our in between times. After the service, we all went out to see the pic on the side of the van and my friend Tony took this pic for us.

             It was kinda fun to pretend that we were all together one more time.

Our time together was spent as a beach vacation. Daughters, sons in law and grandchildren all under one roof at a beautiful beach house in Topsail beach. (just leave a comment if you want the info on the house.It was perfect and so reasonable!) The original plan was just to have a family reunion but the dates that the house was available and the kids spring break coincided with the one year mark of Ed’s death. So, being the cool fam that we are, we made it a family reunion / vacation / memorial. My personal opinion is that God knew we all needed to be together on this anniversary. Several times through out our week I saw God winking at us. I even imagine that Ed was getting a kick out of seeing us all together, acting like a family. We are all so different. Each of us is processing the loss of our loved one in our own unique way. I am proud of my girls.

I sure do miss my Love. I have cried more this past year than I had in the previous 10 years put together. But healing is happening. Last night, I saw that Ed’s favorite movie of all time was on TVand I didn’t squall and ball like a baby!! Forrest Gump. I bet he watched that movie thirty times. Whenever it came on the TV, he would watch. Even twice in one day!! And his daughter, Christine, and her hubby, Ruben, bought it for him on DVD so he could watch it anytime he wanted to. I can almost hear his breath catch as he tried so hard not to cry at his favorite parts. I used to love to tease him but the truth is, I was so proud to have the love of a man who wasn’t hard hearted.

Annnndddd, back to the beach!

Now that right there is a beautiful bunch of women. I guess we will have to do it again sometime because I don’t have a picture of all 3 of my awesome sons in law. I feel so very blessed.



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