31 10 2011

Leaving for Madrid

I had the bottom bunk.

These are some photos of the beginning of our mission to the ladies of Betel ministries. Our mission was to encourage them to understand that women are important and loved by God. My part of this mission was to give hair cuts and new hair styles to help rejuvenate the women. Out of seventy women, I only got to do three makeovers because we were only there for 26 hours. If I didn’t have to sleep after 30 hours of travel I may have been able to squeeze in 2 or three more haircuts. I can be such a slacker sometimes!

Cynthia arrived a day ahead of us and kicked off the festivities!!

Front of the dormitory at the Campo

The makeovers were done at such a fast pace that I didn’t want to spend any time taking photos. This is a photo taken after her hair and make up were done and she went back to her room to change clothes for the evening session. Her hair had been long and unhealthy so she just piled it on top of her head. When she sat in my chair and told me, with the help of an interpreter, that she wanted her hair like mine I asked her to repeat it three times just to be sure I was hearing her correctly. She was mui valiente (very courageous). And she felt beautiful when her hair and make up had been finished!



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