Hola Amigas!!

24 10 2011

This is day three in Madrid. The conference was very good. Seventy women from all over Spain were present. The women who spoke really brought the Word and God met His ladies with tender mercies. Many tears and much cleansing and healing have been started in the lives of His Beloved.

I had the honor to share my testimony and my favorite scripture verses with the ladies on Sunday afternoon. They have been so very gracious.

I have been asked to share again on Tuesday night service. I am here to serve. It is refreshing to let go of the reigns and trust that God is leading this entire trip. I am cutting hair, hugging women, kissing cheeks and learning some Spanish phrases. “Una mas!!!” One more…. haircut, hug, prayer … whatever!

I have taken some photos and hope to be able to d/l and share them tomorrow.

Blessings to all. Please keep praying. God is at work in my heart as well. It has been a bitter sweet time for me. I have thought a million times about my love.

Until mana`na.

Love on another.



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