Jesus and Ed are watching.

6 10 2011

Ed leans over to Jesus and says, “I know you know her better than I do but she is clearly in ADD/OCD mode. This is usually when I would stick my head out the back door and remind her not to over due it.”

Jesus – “Mm – Hmm.”

Ed – “Okay, and this is the 15 minutes later that I remind her she is headed for a back ache if she doesn’t stop pulling weeds and come in the house.”

Jesus – “Yes, I remember.”

Ed – “Can we just get her attention somehow?”

Jesus smiles. And then looses a legion of mosquitoes to attack.

Me – “Alright, alright you guys! I heard you the first time. But seriously, one had to bite me there???” As I trudge back to the house while scratching my butt.

Jesus and Ed have such a weird sense of humor.



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