We make our plans and God laughs.

3 10 2011

There has ben a lot of talk at Rock Church about dreams. Not the kind we have when we are asleep but the dreams we have for our lives.

Today is my 59th birthday and what a tremendous journey it has been. January 5, 2012 will mark the 35th anniversary of my sobriety. It was also 20 years ago in January when Ed and I moved to NC. We had a dream then. Ed and I thought I was coming here to go full time into the gospel ministry as a singer and speaker. Ed was working as a Merchant seaman and making a good enough paycheck to support us while I followed my dream.

One thing after another happened until we couldn’t see the dream anymore. Many twists and turns later, Ed owned and operated a cleaning business and I was working as a hairstylist in the film industry. We make our plans and God laughs.  I didn’t sing anywhere anymore. The last church we attended and helped to found had closed its doors. We were searching from church to church, looking for a solid body of Believers to join. We kept going back to Rock Church because it felt safe there. During the service one Sunday, Ed turned to me and whispered, “This is the one. You need to be up there singing and I should be helping the homeless.” That was around ten years ago. I am still up there singing with the rock band at Rock Church.

But what happened to the dream? Well, sadly, I let it die and I buried it years ago. I still had a heart to see women get set free from harsh situations but I did not feel  a direction to get involved much. My husband always believed that I was anointed to help broken women. He told me all the time that hurting people are always drawn to me because of that anointing. None the less, all those doors seemed to close.

Now, I had to be on my toes to walk my faith out in my new work place. That takes a lot of energy. Film people are used to actors trying to manipulate a response. Talk is cheap. The last thing they want or need to hear is some pious, born again telling them that Jesus loves them. It is not my job to proselytize. God has called me to “love my neighbor.”

  • My atheist neighbor
  • My homosexual neighbor
  • My neighbor who sleeps around
  • My addicted neighbor
  • My kind elderly neighbor and the grumpy ones too
  • And even my born again neighbors who don’t think the same way I do

If I can’t love them like Jesus does, it doesn’t matter what I say.

And I have come to realize that this is all training for the next big thing.

My next big thing is to use my talents and gifts on a trip to Madrid to minister to women.

And that dead and buried dream? Did you feel that? Did the earth just shake a little? Is that a dream being resurrected?



One response

3 10 2011

Why yes I believe I do feel some shaking…..


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