wigs, wigs, wigs.

20 09 2011

It has been a crazy blessing for me to work so much since my Eddie’s passing. My latest project was as head of the hair department on a comedy television series. It has presented some interesting challenges. Especially when the writers are on set and the script changes in an instant. I want to establish that this job was unique. I also want to be as sensitive as possible in telling the story of God’s provision and protection while not giving away any pertinent information about the show.

To begin with, I had no intention of working on this series. I was asked if I would work as the second to a lovely lady hair stylist they would bring here from LA. Although I enjoy working as a second, I just didn’t want to do it on this project so I declined.

Then, I learned that two long time members of my union, Werner Scherer and Stephan Bishop, were providing a class on wigs of all kinds in NYC. The last time I took such a course was in 1999. It took me 5 seconds to decide to go to NY for the weekend class. I called an old friend who lives in the city and told her I was coming and she invited me to stay with her and her son for the weekend. The class was a perfect refresher and my visit with Michelle and Joshua lifted my spirits. It also provided me the opportunity to visit with some other friends that I have made over the past 17 years in the industry.

A few days before the class I got a call from the line producer on this same TV series. He said that they would like me to be the department head if I was interested. I accepted the position with the knowledge that 2 wigs would be involved. Is this a co-incidence or a God-incidence?

I started my new job a week later. As the series progressed, more wigs were added – lace wigs that needed to be fitted for actors who were not available to go to the wig maker for fittings. Thankfully, the wig maker we were using, Natasha at Favian Wigs, already had the measurements of two of the actors because she had made wigs for them in the past.  We created a lace wig for a specific look. I also made a mold of another actor’s head and sent it to the wig maker with measurements and a swatch of the color that we wanted the wig to be. Natasha did a great job and the wigs came out beautiful.

Thanks to the class and an arsenal of phone numbers of friends in my union who have excelled in working with wigs, I was able to accomplish every task that was thrust upon me.

This is proof to me that God ordains my steps and He provides all I need. God was preparing me for this adventure before I even knew I had an adventure to go on. Because of taking this class, hanging out with Michelle (who, by the way, is a fabulous hair stylist and the woman who gave me my first job in film) and talking with other hairstylists who took the class too I was completely prepared to succeed on this show.

More to come in next post…..



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