Travelin’ shoes

29 05 2011

Me and my old lady
Ain’t been getting along
If things don’t get better
I’ll soon be long gone

The situation is driving me insane
Somebody fetch me my hat and coat
And hand me my walking cane

Gotta put on my traveling shoes

By Elvin Bishop

These are the lyrics to one of the songs that Ed chose for his memorial service. When I listened to the words, I asked him, “is this really the legacy you want to leave me with?” After a good laugh, he decided to take this one out of the line up. The song has a great guitar rift and a great chorus in it. That is what made it a favorite of his. We would play the song on my itunes and he would sit in his recliner and dance as only Eddie can dance while sitting down. <Those of you who know him are picturing that right now aren’t you?>

Well, the morning after Ed passed, I woke up with the melody in my mind. I knew I had to find a place in the service for the song. I also felt a need to incorporate one of the simple things that brought us joy and made him laugh out loud every time; the nose and glasses. I sent an email to my senior pastor who knows us both very well. I asked if it seemed disrespectful or offensive in any way. Pastor Bryan and Pastor Ron impressed on me that a memorial service should reflect the personality of the person being remembered. That helped me to put it together.

We played the favorite part of Ed’s song and invited the friends present to don their nose and glasses and join the family in the celebration of Ed. There was hand clapping,dancing, laughter and some tears. Some folks just stood watching and all of it was good. I just imagined my Eddie, standing up straight and dancing with energy. No cane, No oxygen tank!! Just free and dancing… with Jesus.

Hope you enjoy these pictures, courtesy of our friend, Pastor Matthew Ray.



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