Traveling shoes

25 11 2010

My brain is so full!!! I plan to leave for Charleston, SC on December 1st to work on season 5 of Army Wives. The first thing that comes to mind is what a blessing it will be to work again with folks that I enjoy. The steady pay checks will be nice for a while too. Then, I think of all the things I have to do while my departure date barrels toward me like a freight train. At least, I think I have my equipment packed and ready to go. That is a huge relief.

I have an apartment worked out with a pretty cool company that does just about everything for you before you get there. It is a bit costly but I am planning to be there until the beginning of May so it is necessary. I just have to organize and pack my clothes and creature comforts. Hmm. Is a lap top a creature comfort?

Ed and I are going to our friends house for Thanksgiving and I don’t have to cook a thing to bring this year. It feels odd, but a blessing none the less. Ed was in the mood to bake and so he made a chocolate cherry cake with coconut butter frosting to bring with us. I can hardly wait to dig in to that tomorrow.

Of course, I cooked a turkey breast and stuffing and some gravy for us to enjoy as left-overs. Got to have hot turkey sandwiches and Cape Codder sandwiches for the next couple of days. “What is a Cape Codder,” you ask. Only the best use of Thanksgiving left-overs in the whole USA. Start with your favorite bread. Spread Mayo on both slices, put a layer of turkey and a layer of stuffing and season that with salt and pepper. Right now you got a pretty decent turkey “sammich” but we are about to take it to another level. Top it with Ocean Spray cranberry sauce! Don’t think about it, just do it and take a bite. Now, THAT is a little taste of Heaven.

The food will be good but hanging with our friends is the best! We have been blessed with some of the coolest folks on the planet. We were aware of this before but this past year….. let me just say they have gone above and beyond. I can not imagine what we would have done without the love and support we have been given. We need two hands to count our REAL friends on.

I have been blessed to work with some very talented and lovely people this year too. I am grateful for my friends who have hired me, trusted me and made me laugh every day. And for the folks who have worked hard for me and were team players. You all make my life special.

My husband has been the rock of my life for 28 years. He has always supported me and made me feel like a cherished woman. I am lucky to have you.

I would have none of this in my life if it were not for the God of mercy who loves me beyond all reason. Thank you, Abba Father, for pulling me out of the pit of destruction that I had leapt into. You never gave up on me. You loved me when I did not love myself. This is quite a journey You have me on.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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25 11 2010

Ah, the joys of a mayo-less cape codder! I love you. So glad you’re writing again. Look at you with nearly 52,000 hits on your blog! See – people like to read you. Mwah!


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