The band plays on

20 11 2010

The Rumors of my death…

Where’s Waldo?

Anyone out there?

Coni who?

These are some of the potential titles for this post that I rejected. The fact is that I have been off the keys for a looong time and we all know that. I was stuck in the woes of the physical trauma that altered our lives when my husband fell and broke his hip. Frankly, every time I sat down to write, I heard myself whining. Yep, I was stuck.

There is no doubt that this has been one of the hardest seasons in both of our lives and we are doing as well as we possibly can be. We are being stretched and molded, hopefully, into the people of faith that we claim to be. We have to believe that God is still God and He has it all under control. That does not mean that everything will turn out the way we think it should. Heck, He didn’t even consult with us or warn us about Ed breaking his hip.

Ed has done remarkably well since he has been forced into retirement. His spirits are high, he is making a lot of AA meetings, he finished his novel and it has been edited one time by a friend. It is a really good story. We need to have it edited again and we need to find an agent. I wish I knew how to make this happen for him.

So, with that said, perhaps I can move on now and get unstuck. Life has continued and I would like to get back to sharing an encouraging word or two here.



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