It’s takes time to process

2 10 2010

Although it may seem so, I have not given up on writing.

So many things have happened that I have been waiting until I can sort through and make sense of things. The problem with that is things just don’t stop happening because I need time to process. So, before I can come to terms with one event another crisis or craziness happens. I want to share but I also want to be considerate and responsible in my sharing.

God has His hand on us through it all. My trust in Him is unwavering.

At just the right time He has sent us help in the form of my grandson Tony. He stayed with us for about 6 months, helping Ed get around to his doctor’s appointments, therapy and other errands during the day. That made it possible for me to go back to work after 16 months of small jobs here and there. Tony left for Navy boot camp on August 24th and we really miss him but Ed has been doing much better. Ed still has some great difficulties to deal with but we are surrounded by friends and neighbors who model the love of Jesus in a tangible way to us.

At Walmart today I found Beth Moore’s book, So Long Insecurity you’ve been a bad friend to us. As I sit in my hotel room in West Virginia, God is working on me.



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