a HOT day on set

19 06 2010

I spent my week working with muses, nymphs and woodland creatures. This gorgeous young lady was one of the very talented dancers who donned this crazy outfit and this long, hot wig for her role. I am embarrassed that her name escapes me because she was a precious, sweet young lady who I saw for five days in a row. Most of those days, I put her wig on but alas, my memory is not as sharp as it once was in the area of remembering a name. Much better with faces.

making a movie in the heat of the day….

in a local park……

with smoke makers to give it ambience.

Did I mention the heat index was 110 degrees?

Well, it was. If you look to the back of the photo, where the trees are, you can see where the girls in white are. Their job on this fine day was to run, leap, dance and frolic… on a steamy hot, smokey set while wearing long wigs… AND act like they were having the best time of their lives. And, they did it beautifully.

The movie is called Bolden and it is due to come out sometime in 2011. It is taken from the true story of the man named Buddy Bolden who created Jazz music in the early 1900’s. It will be a visual and listening extravaganza. I am delighted to have been a part of it.

I truly do love what I get to do for a living.



One response

22 06 2010

I love what you do for a living too and wish that I could join you…beautiful post though and will keep my eyes open in 2011 for Bolden.


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