In the Shreve

23 05 2010

Yesterday, my husband celebrated 35 years of clean and sober living!!!!! Wish I could insert fireworks here. This has been one hell of a year for him. I am so proud of the way he has pulled through it all. Sickness, a broken hip and two surgeries are no easy circumstances. The fact that he HAD TO use pain killers for several weeks raised a good deal of concern for me. God let us know when the right time came for Ed to change from pain killers to Tylenol and Ed came through it all.

I had something special planned for his Saturday anniversary but had to change plans last minute when I got a call to come to Shreveport for 10 days of work. Actually, I was driving home from Charleston, SC and one day of work on Army Wives when I got the call. My friend, Jeri, had been trying to get me to come work with her from the beginning of this movie in the “Shreve”. Finally, on their last week of filming, they brought me in. The timing was good for me actually. I got to work right at home in Wilmington for several weeks as I was the Department Head on two television pilots that filmed back to back. I had about 2 weeks off during which I did hair for a bunch of my friends in my studio, (I don’t think I could live without this part of my life) and I got to create and design some wigs and styles for the production of “Love on the Move” for the Glory Academy of Fine Arts.
This is Laura Valentine in costume, hair and make up for the Transformers Dance. FUN!

Now, I am staying in the Hilton after flying into Shreveport on Thursday. Lest you think I am getting too spoiled, here is the wonderful view from my room.

At least I don’t have to worry about anyone looking in my window. LOL.

Here is a brief look at what else I have done since being here.

The wrap party with my beautiful friend, Jeri.


I got to hug Hughe Jackman…. well, sort of~~~~

I know that God has me here for a reason. Not just a paycheck, which by the way is not a bad reason in itself. But,… I had a conversation with someone in which they said they felt like God was an abusive parent and they had to walk away because they could not take anymore abuse. My heart breaks. God is definitely up to something HUGE right here in the Shreve.



2 responses

26 05 2010

Sounds like one of those divine appointments we were talking about.


3 06 2010

Wow, that is so amazing…35 years!! Praise God!! It sounds like you had a good time, and also that God is moving behind the scenes. I think there are no coincidences when it comes to God’s timing, and placement in our lives. I am praying that everybody you come into contact will see the hands of Jesus through your life! God bless,


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