Here he comes!

15 02 2010

Hitting the road early in the morning. Ed and I will be heading to Atlanta to get my grandson. My daughter and son in law will drive him up to the ATL from their home in Pensacola. We chose a restaurant to meet at that is about equal distance for us to travel. We will be on the road for 6 and 1/2 hours top get there. The plan is for us all to enjoy a nice lunch together, then take Anthony back home with us. I am figuring we will be on the road for about 15 hours. The strange thing is that we had to call the oxygen delivery guys and see if they could drop us off some more O2 so Ed can make the trip. That is something we never had to think about before but our life is different now. We are learning how to roll with it.

Anthony, aka; Boyo, Tony or Buuud, will be staying with us until he goes into the Navy this summer. He is going to be a big help while I go back to work. He is 18 yrs. old and has his license and he loves us!  All useful and admirable qualities. And he plays guitar! Yeah, he’s pretty cool.



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