six foot twelve foot two

26 01 2010

I am blessed to know some of the coolest young people on the planet. This is my young friend, Caleb. He has claimed me as his hair stylist for a couple of years now. A while ago, Caleb let his hair grow out from a buzz cut. His Mom brought him to me for a ‘fro. His 3 inch long hair took a nice round shape and gave him a decent looking afro that he was happy with. Well, I guess he was so happy because he just let it keep growing. Oh, he came back every now and then for a re-shaping but he wanted to leave it long.

I sing on the praise team with Caleb’s Dad, Johnny. Sunday morning we were running through our song list before church service. Johnny and I were on the stage at the front of the sanctuary. The light tech had the house lights turned down low in the sanctuary. The back doors open into our lobby which is usually brightly lit with sunshine from the glass doors and windows that line the front of the building. Johnny  just told me that Caleb is in need of a haircut. He said his afro was taking on a life of it’s own and that his son now stood 6 foot 12 foot 2. I love me some Johnny Fuller humor. About 30 seconds later, the sanctuary door opened and all we could see was the outline of a person being back lit from the lobby.

I turned to Johnny and said, “An afro just walked through the door and your son is under it.”

This morning I got a text from Caleb’s Mom, Helen. She brought Caleb and his very long afro over for a haircut. She dropped him off with the basic instruction that whatever we decided to do would be fine. Well, she knew he wanted to cut a lot off this time but…

that right there is a lot of hair on the floor!! I left my foot in the pic so you could see a point of reference for how much hair is there. Looked like the size of puppy!

Now, Caleb is only six foot tall. And I still think he is one of the coolest kids on the planet.



3 responses

26 01 2010

That brought me to tears laughing! You ROCK Mrs. Coni!


27 01 2010
Sexist Father

How about some hair humor?

Question: What did the brain surgeon say to the rocket scientist?

Answer: You know, it doesn’t take a hair stylist to figure this out.


12 02 2010

You are the coolest mom / noni ever! Wish you could cut my hair


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