Patience! Wherefore art thou?

3 01 2010

More and more lately I have to talk myself out of a crappy mood. Real life takes such crazy twists and turns. That has certainly been true of our life this past year. We have gone from a two income, fairly healthy and successful working couple to one retiree and one unemployed person. That is quite a radical change. Especially since Ed always thought he would work in some capacity for all his life.

Late in 2008, Ed had retired and we closed all our commercial cleaning accounts. We kept the carpet cleaning business, although we trimmed it down to 3 or 4  jobs a week just to keep Ed busy and have a little income. He called it semi-retirement.

I was blessed to remain working at a fairly steady pace in the film industry. Two days before Ed broke his hip, I felt very strongly impressed to resign from the lucrative job I had been working. I just knew it was important for me to be home. I discerned that it had something to do with Ed’s health and some recent diagnoses he had received although I never could have guessed what was about to happen. Over the years that I have been a Christ follower I have learned that I do not need to understand everything. When I am certain that what I am hearing is from God, I just have to obey. And that is what I did.

On the second morning after I quit my job, Ed fell in our bedroom and broke his hip. If I had still been working, it is very possible that he would have been on that floor, unable to reach a phone to call for help for 12-14 hours. I am so grateful to God that I was home.

If you have followed my blog at all, you know the rest of the story. After all of this upheaval, we sold the carpet cleaning truck and the business. We used that money wisely.

It humbles me to realize that, although our finances have been turned upside down, we have still managed to:

  1. Pay every bill on time.
  2. Manage dinner or a movie out every once in a while.
  3. AND, (Insert drum roll here!) Pay our mortgage off completely!

To the untrained eye, it may look like a series of lucky co-incidences. It is not. I am certain that God has his hand on our lives and He turns everything around for our good. I believe the Word of God, the Bible. My relationship with God is what brings me the most hope in this uncertain world. Nothing happens in my life that God and I, together, cannot handle.

With all of that knowledge and history I still find myself ready to pull my hair out some days. I want to be working again, making a good paycheck. I don’t like that we are restricted in some ways due to oxygen tanks and canes and sore hips and infected thumbs and no cash on hand and….. all this crazy stuff.

The truth is, I am spoiled rotten. I want what I want and I don’t like to wait for things. I am still a work in progress. I have not been perfected yet. Patience is an elusive fruit, dangling from the tallest branches. Many days, I cannot quite reach it, but I am still stretching and growing.



One response

10 01 2010

I am so happy to meet you, Coni. You inspire me so much through this post. I love how you say that you have learned you don’t always have to understand to obey. This is something I am working on…

It sounds like God has used so much for good in your life. you have blessed me in the sharing of it!


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