Spiders and Moles!

13 09 2009

So, my garden is alive with spiders. I have to be really aware of where I am walking because banana spiders love to take up a whole path by running their webs right across the whole thing. For reference to that fact see my post entitled “Ah, Nature.”

Here is a different banana spider in a higher part of the garden.


I had to snap this shot because I was enamored with the way the sun illuminated the intricate work of the web. All my life, I have been really creeped out by spiders but, at the same time, I am fascinated by their artistry when the spin a web.


How do they do this from tree limb to tree limb? Amazing.

Okay, this one looks like it arrived on a space ship! He could be used as a weapon! I wonder if he was the prototype for the Mace in the days of knights and dragons.


I posted this pic on my face book and my friend, Emmy, said she thought it was called a crab spider. So, I googled crab spider and came up with some really strange looking beings and this guy’s picture was among them. The thing that is puzzling is that it is supposed to be indigenous to Florida. It has definitely crossed some borders to wind up here in NC. Carolyn says it is an illegal alien and I am inclined to agree. I don’t know which is the top and which is the bottom but this crab spider looks like it has a dual appearance. Maybe it is like a Jeckle and Hyde, one side dark and one side light. Or the two-faced character from the Dick Tracy comics.


Well, I titled this post Spiders and Moles. I do not have a picture of the moles that live in my yard But I just wanted to whine a little.

Do you know that moles are on the endangered species list? It is not legal to kill a mole, even if they do tear up your yard from border to border. I have been thinking, (I know, this could be dangerous). Since moles are an endangered species and I have an abundance of them living on my property, shouldn’t the government be funding me as a Mole Rescue Mission? I think the word has gone out to all the moles in my area that they can find safety and grass roots to eat in my yard.

Here is another question. Have you ever seen a naked mole rat?? No wonder they hide under ground! Hilarious!


So, when you are feeling bad about yourself, cheer up. You could be this fellow! And if I ever dug one of those up from my yard, I would have to break the law!



3 responses

13 09 2009

Hi Mom,
Your friend Emmy is right – that is a crab spider & they are common in our area… perhaps one of the boys brought some extra guests during their last visit? That was one of the first things we did a report on as a home schooling family.
I’m thinking we’ll have to do another report on the naked mole rat. Is dad holding that thing??


13 09 2009

ps – it is also called a spiny orb weaver. they make some interesting webs


13 09 2009

Never in a million years would Dad let that thing sit in his hand. My friend Pam sent it to me in an email about a year ago.
Have I told you lately how much I love you? A lot!


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