Hair for Coni by Coni (FCBC)

9 09 2009

It is happening again. The creative juices are flowing and I don’t have a head of someone else’s hair to work on.

My new friend, Gracie, was going to come over today and we were going to change her hair color and hair style. We had discussed it at am AA meeting last week. She asked me what I would do to her hair if she would let me. Hahahah. I love that kind of a lead in. I told her and she was pretty interested in my opinion. Yesterday, she asked if I wanted to do her hair and so we scheduled her to come this morning. Well, she is feeling yucky today so thought it best not to come over. I really do appreciate when folks are thoughtful enough to keep their potential germs to themselves. The last thing we need in this house is a flu or a cold. So, thanks Gracie. We can definitely do this another time.

But… that leaves wanting to do hair stuff and no model to work on. So…. here goes.


This is me BEFORE!


Here I am … AFTER.

I was going for a subtle difference.

I love cutting hair.



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