Joy of another day

25 08 2009


The art of chillaxin.

We are blessed. The fact that these two mutts are so contented in this home is evidence of the peace and safety in my home. Ed and I are often reminded that God has blessed us with favor.

Today, we went out for a ride to Mayfaire. We decided to go to Atlanta Bread for lunch. As we ordered our food, the lady who took our order told us that she would deliver our food to our table since it wasn’t very busy. That was very sweet of her and we gratefully accepted her offer. While we sat at our booth, a friend of ours sneaked up on Ed and scooted in on his side of the booth. It was the first time we have seen Sherry and her daughter, Autumn, since Ed’s hospitalizations. She was surprised to see him with an oxygen tank and while they were chatting and catching up, a Mom and daughter came over to our table. I thought they were friends of Sherry but, they didn’t know any of us. The Mom said that as they watched us walk in, they felt impressed to pray for Ed. Her husband had just been through a catastrophic illness and was beginning to recover nicely so she had compassion for our current struggle. Favor, favor, favor. Sherry told the lady that Ed was a good man who needs to live for a long time. What a blessing to have people say such nice things about you.

After that blessing (and a great lunch) we headed across the street to one of the stores. We have to plan and maneuver things quite differently in order to do some simple things these days. It takes a lot of energy for Ed to have to walk back to the car, get in, get out again and walk into the store (all with a 10 lb. oxygen tank hanging off his shoulder). It was easier for him to walk across the street and for me to go get the car and park in front of the store. I had the car moved and parked already while he was still crossing the street so I got out and walked over to meet him and finish crossing with him. I noticed a gentleman crossing the street at the same time. He had slowed his pace way down and stayed behind, but near, Ed as they crossed the street together. He was unobtrusively, watching over Ed. It was very sweet and unspoken. As I approached them, this other man was watching me with a look of concern. I reached Ed and I turned so I could walk beside him then I turned and said a simple “thank you” to the man. He nodded and picked up his pace, crossing the street before us.

Now, this was not a very big deal and could easily have been overlooked. If I were not already aware of the way we have been walking in favor lately, I would have missed it myself. Today has been another day of favor. Thank You God.



2 responses

26 08 2009

Isn’t it amazing to walk in favor?! Totally undeserved, but all ours because of who our daddy is. 😉

I just love you Mrs. Conni.


26 08 2009

I have to say, that last bit in particular literally brings tears to my eyes.

I’m so thankful for you guys & it blesses my socks off to get a peek into how our Papa takes care of you.


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