1940s Rolls

18 08 2009




This young lady walked into the trailer with straight, thick hair all the way down to her bra strap in the back. This is how she looked when I was done. Gotta love those rolls!



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19 08 2009

Really beautiful! Are those rolls “finger rolls”? Or are they made with curlers? Looks really hard to do… Probably took a long time!
Oh, and Happy (Late) Anniversary! Love you guys!


20 08 2009

Hi Vicky. These are finger rolls. The ladies back in this era used to save up the hair they cleaned out of their hairbrushes. They would wad it up into a snake shape and roll their hair around that to get the rolls to look nice and full. Sounds kind of gross but it really isn’t because it was their own hair. 🙂 To create this look today, we use this stuff called crepe hair (all synthetic) to do the same thing. However, this girl’s hair was long and full enough for me to just tease it a little at the scalp, roll it around my fingers and pin it. Then, spray the hack out of it!!!
Love you too!


31 08 2009

Coni, could I make an appointment with you sometime soon? MY hair is long, straight and down to my bra strap. My husband adores it, so I don’t want to cut it, but it’s getting too big and thick for hair clips. A plain back of the neck bun looks so old-fashioned, and I’m tired of wearing it in braids and pony tails. Do you think you could teach me a pretty way to put it up that wouldn’t be too hard for me to do myself? I’d gladly pay top prices for a little hair help.



1 09 2009

Anytime you want to come over Angela. We will be able to find something cute and simple. I will leave u my phone # on your face book. Just call me.
We will have so much fun that I couldn’t think of charging you anything. Besides, it will be nice just to see you again!


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