Twenty seven years of wedded bliss?? Maybe.

15 08 2009

Sitting on the cold, metal chair and listening to the man who was speaking at the AA meeting, I looked up from my crocheting. He looks like a nice enough guy. I was still new at this sober living thing and, occasionally, my thoughts told me that I was different than these alcoholics. I felt that I didn’t quite belong in AA because of the trouble I had with heroin and other mind altering drugs. Then, he said it. This is not word for word but he said something about having been a heroin addict in his younger days and he almost let that be an excuse to convince him that he did not belong in AA. I put my yarn down and looked closer at this guy. Was he reading my mind? Thank God, he went on to say that the principles of the 12 step program worked just the same for alcohol addiction as it did for drug addiction and he had been clean and sober for about 2 years. I never felt like I didn’t belong in AA again.

I made a mental note of who this guy was and whenever he spoke at a meeting, I paid close attention. Eddie the Baker from the Stonehill group in Brockton Mass. Over the next several months, I heard him share at meetings that his alcoholism had destroyed his marriage. He wanted to work to repair it but, regretfully,  too much damage had been done. I listened to him and watched from a distance as he moved into a rooming house where some other sober alkies lived. He worked the 12 steps at an attempt to become a better person and he helped other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. I watched as he finally accepted that his marriage could not be restored and he began to date other women. I never spoke to him, just watched and listened.

In February of 1978 the worst blizzard I had ever been through hit south eastern Mass. My daughter and I were house bound for days. We lost electricity and spent a few days with my sister and her family who still had heat. I remember carrying Fawn out of the house on a piggy-back with her little boots dragging the top of the snow. This was the longest time I had been without an AA meeting in my 13 months of sobriety. Meetings had to be cancelled all over the South Shore. My sponsor and I spoke on the phone every day.

After a week or so, we started my meeting up. I was able to get out of the house and resume my job as the greeter at the Hanson Sunday night meeting. Only a handful of folks showed up so it was a pretty close knit meeting. Eddie the Baker was there and I actually spoke to him. After the meeting he said it was too bad we didn’t have each others phone numbers because we could have had meetings over the phone while we were house bound. I quickly scrawled my number on a piece of paper and shoved into his hand. “Call me.” I invited. Apparently, I invited him to call me three or four more times before he got out the door.

Eddie the Baker called me the next night and invited me to a Valentine’s dance. Our first date was February 13th, 1978.  A beautiful relationship was born that night. It has been severely tweaked over the past three decades but, today, we celebrate our 27th anniversary as husband and wife. We love each other more today than we did in 1978.

God is so good to us.



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1 09 2009
Donna J.

I remember that blizzard of ’78.


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