short work on Army Wives

13 08 2009

Nine work days was the perfect amount of time for me to be in Charleston. Army Wives put me up at the Extended stay where I had my own little kitchen area and a clean bed to sleep in. It was quite cozy and comfortable and , did I mention?,CLEAN. Those of you who know anything about me know I am a germ-a-phobe. My fellow workers who also frequently stay in hotels like to laugh at me. The first thing I do is go over everything in the room with a lysol wipe. Phone, light switches, tv controls and door handles. I cover every item of furniture with my own covers and I change the sheets and blanket to my own stuff. My own pillow is a must and my own bath towels. It ain’t easy being me. Depending on how long I will be staying, I have even been known to put up a spring loaded curtain rod with my own curtains and change out the shower curtain. There is always a framed pictured of me and Ed in the room. Then, I proceed to load up my essential oils in my aroma diffuser and set up my own coffee maker, electric teapot, coffee cup, plate, bowl and silverware for one. Once I plug in my computer and printer I can relax for a few minutes. I am seriously thinking about bringing and air cleaner with me on my next long gig. How is that for neurotic?

My job was to do Catherine Bell’s hair for a certain episode of Army Wives. Of course, I can’t tell you anything about the episode but I assure you that it will be worth watching. I cried while reading the script and I teared up a couple of times during the filming of a couple of scenes. I will post some pics after the episode airs.

It was great fun for me to see folks I haven’t seen since the end of season one. In the first season, I worked as the key hairstylist. I loved the work. I was invited back for season two but thought it in our best interest for me to stay close to home with Ed. It is really hard to be away from home for 7 months at a time but it would drive me out of my mind to be away while my honey was not physically well. Our bond is the number one priority in my life. Well, my relationship with God is number one but since He brought Ed and I together, it is all about the same.

Anyhoooo… I feel blessed to have been invited to play with on the show again. I was inspired by some of the hair and make up crew there. We shared our knowledge and managed some great laughs among the stress and the rain and the humidity. It probably rained 6 out of 9 days, in the middle of the day, at which point the humidity caused the gravity to multiply and everyone’s hair drooped!! It is true that if you can do hair in the South and keep it looking good all day, you can do hair anywhere! It is also true that, in the South, you can say anything you want to about a person and as long as you end it with, “Bless their heart.” it is not considered mean. But, I digress.

This post is getting too long and there is more to tell. I will have to do that tomorrow.

This is a sunset from my hotel window.




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14 08 2009

Sounds a little OCD to me!


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