I shouldn’t be writing this right now.

10 08 2009

I have a very full day planned for today. Lots of business, personal and medical things to take care of today. Last night, I had to make a list just to keep things sorted out and in the hope that nothing falls between the cracks. Sometimes I like having ADD. Those are the creative and fun times. Sometimes it is a stumbling block. Those are the times I have to accomplish tasks. Cleaning house, taking dogs to vets, making out bills, making and keeping doctor appointments are all difficult things for me. If I make a list (and don’t lose it or veer off of it) I can do alright. But one cardinal flies by my window and I am off track. Those of you who saw the movie UP will know what I mean when I imitate Doug the talking dog. “Squirrell!”

Hey did you ever notice that the word mean is the beginning of the word meander?

This afternoon, I get to experience the fun part of my ADD. I will be doing a color and haircut and style on a friend in my studio!!! Yeah, I am psyched! AND I will probably fit in another friend for a haircut in between the processing time of my color. There will be beauty and laughter n the studio today.

Tomorrow, Ed and I will get up very early in the morning and drive to Duke for his heart catheterization. We are both a little, okay, maybe a lot, apprehensive about this. His lung doctor thinks there is more to his need for O2 than just the COPD and emphysema. We are going to spend the night at the Hilton nearby the hospital and our lovely neighbors, who are more like family, are going to take care of the dogs and the house for us. I will bring my laptop so I can check in on FB and blog from there.

When Ed wakes up, I will tell you what we are going to celebrate today!



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